USA: National Ocean Challenge Program 2018 Registration


Prepared by FFWPU USA

National Ocean Challenge Program (NOCP) 2018 is now taking applications for youth ages 16-25 with an adventurous spirit, eagerness to learn, and open minds. This is the 10th anniversary year for NOCP in Kodiak, Alaska and we plan to make it our best year yet!

The National Ocean Challenge Program began as a grassroots project by a group of captains who did Ocean Challenge in Gloucester, MA back in the 1980’s and 90’s. Passionate to share the ocean challenge experience with the next generation, they created a program with the available Good Go boats on Kodiak Island, a location where True Parents spent a lot of time fishing, and inaugurated the program in 2009 as its official first year.

Over the years, many volunteers, staff, leaders, and sponsors have helped to develop and cultivate this program, making it possible each year.

This year we will have the well-known 21-day length from July 8-28 where the youth and young adults will cover basic safety, boating, navigation, oceanology, and hiking the first few days, river and deep sea fishing for 14 days, and the last few days will conclude with a service project, city tour, talent show, and graduation ceremony combined with a 10th anniversary celebration of NOCP.

For those already experienced with boating and who want to pursue something more challenging, we will have a 40-day Captain-in-Training (CIT) program from July 1-Aug. 9. Those applying for this position must already have taken a USCG certified boating safely course and have done CPR/First Aid training and need to be at least 18 years old. CITs will be learning boat care, minor boat repairs and maintenance, boat operation and navigation, fishing techniques, and the responsibilities expected of a captain.

The internal education during the time of the program will focus on teachings from our True Parents, understanding the meaning of Hyo Jeong, and learning the different aspects of Ocean Providence. The three weeks will provide an opportunity to develop leadership skills, experience God’s love, and deeper our understanding of True Parents’ life course and our identity.

Why did True Father often go fishing?

“When I go out to fish in the ocean, I am actually fishing the world. It is for this purpose that I fish; it is a condition of devotion. You too have to learn to love the ocean. The fastest way to focus your mind is by fishing. I can say this from my own experience.” (289-122, 1997/12/30)


The registration deadline is May 1st with limited space and scholarships available.

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