USA: Las Vegas Joins Matching Preparation Seminar Tour


by Makiko Watanabe, FFWPU USA

The Las Vegas Family Church was blessed with a visit by BFM Representatives, John and Helen Abelseth, who hosted a Matching Preparation Seminar and Matching Supporter Training on March 24 and 25.

17 adults and three young adults participated in the professional yet warm-hearted presentations by Mr. Abelseth. Parents and young adults listened attentively as he shared internal and practical preparations for the matching process and one of the most important life decisions. Throughout the presentations, Mr. Abelseth emphasized the importance of striving for a harmony as a family as a condition to invite the wisdom and guidance of Heavenly Parent and True Parents. Since it was a rather small gathering, we were able to ask many questions as the presentations went, and everyone seemed to be satisfied with the answers.

During the breaks and over the meals, all participants shared their reflections, experiences, and questions. Throughout the Saturday seminar and Sunday Matching Supporter Training, we could all feel the deep love of Heavenly Parents.

We’d like to thank the BFM to sending Mr. and Mrs. Abelseth who have a wealth of experience in helping families with the matching process and beyond, and express genuine care and concern for us as brothers and sisters. We all realized that we are a part of this team/family in creating and solidifying the heavenly culture in this area of family-centered matching and engagement.

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