Uganda: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop

Prepared by FFWPU Uganda

Following the True Parents African summit in Senegal, our delegates especially from the Busoga kingdom embraced the Vision of interfaith Blessing ceremony and have been mobilizing chiefs and clan leaders in two separate high level conferences where they have studied about the True Parents blessing.

On 14th February and 14th April our Heavenly Tribal Messiahship team conducted a one-day high level education conference with the Kingdom royals, clan heads and chiefdom leaders to inspire them to join the blessing programs.

The Heavenly Tribal Messiah team led by the Vice National Leader’s couple guided the royals and explained about the Vision of True Parents in blessing of marriage and its sanctification and renewal.

At the end the royals accepted to work with FFWPU in Uganda to reach out to their subjects in the communities and establish a lasting solution to the problems of their areas.

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