Tribal Messiah Blessing and Community Building in Central Africa Republic


By Mathias Monzebe and Annegret Landwehr, FFWPU Germany

The Central African Republic (CAR) is one of the poorest nations in the world right in the heart of Africa. The rate of analphabetism is very high: 75%. Infant mortality is the second highest in the world. In the villages there is no electricity and no running water. More than two years ago we had started a NGO in Berlin and in Mathias Monzebe ’s (City leader Berlin) home village Bagandou in the south of the CAR: our projects support several primary schools and a secondary school. We donated school books and materials, constructed toilets for the schoolchildren, supported a health post with maternity supplies.

The next projects will be a youth center with solar energy panels for which we can obtain support from German organizations.

Mathias and Annegret – both “Africa – Veterans” – went to Bagandou in February 2018 with a lot of supplies for the projects. The local authorities and the parliamentarian for this region all participated in the ceremonies of donation.

At the same time, we were preparing candidates for the Tribal Messiah Blessing which took place on Feb.11 in Bangui, the capital of the CAR. Six couples (all from Mathias’ tribe) participated. The Berlin community has been praying for them for more than a year. It was a very joyful event with 129 persons attending. The couples were very happy, at the same time very serious. Following the Holy Water, they went through the stick ceremony and started their 40-day separation time right away. After the Blessing ceremony Annegret congratulated the couples and reminded everyone that is through True Parents incredible suffering and dedication and their sending out missionaries in 1975 to almost every country in the world that we can now have the benefit of the blessing everywhere in the world. Only through Heavenly Parent and True Parents there is hope for CAR and the world.

A Second Generation choir “Nouvel Espoir” (New Hope) gave a wonderful performance of songs, dances and sketches. The national television was filming the whole event and interviewed Mathias. Later we also gave interviews on the national radio.

It is heartbreaking to see the poverty, lack of education and opportunities of this country. With relatively small means so much can be done. Our vision – besides giving the blessing through tribal messiahship – is to give each child an opportunity to go to school and give character education to help change the mentality from just receiving to the understanding to actively changing their living situation themselves. CAR is like a barren soil that just needs to be watered properly. Then it can begin to prosper. There is a huge potential to work on both levels. Mathias truly has become the natural leader of his tribe. When the people in Bagandou see that there is hope, this can quickly pass on to other communities. It is still a long way, but the first step is done!

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  1. M.Wiesner says:

    Well done Annegret and Mathias. Once a missionary always a missionary. For the reader it will also be helpful to get some understanding why CAR has all these problems you mention. What are the main problems holding the people back to develop their God given potentials?

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