Togo: Heavenly Tribal Messiah workshop and Blessing

by LAKLEY Yawovi Dodzi Juste, FFWPU Togo

Since the birthdays of True Parents and Foundation Day this year, a new flame has set Togo on fire as part of the activities of heavenly Tribal Messiah. Four Blessed families (Yacouto, Akissi, Alaki and Ilboudo families) travelled to several localities in the interior of the country such as Aou-Mono, a village in the prefecture of Tchaoudjo, and 3 villages of Kara Prefecture (Kassi, Tcholla and Landa) to hold  workshop and blessing ceremonies.

In the village of Kassi, Kozah prefecture, a blessing ceremony was held with participation of 38 couples, including the village chief and the neighborhood chief. This ceremony took place after a conference on the true family values, which was initiated by a blessed couple (YACOUTO Dénis and Immaculée).

On March 25, the ALAKI family gathered in Tcholla in Lassa County the head of the Tcholla district, couples and many other people at EPP Tcholla. Mr. ALAKI gave a presentation about the family federation and its worldwide activities. Then Mr. KPENGUIYE gave a lecture with the theme: the true families and the blessing. After the lecture we held the blessing ceremony for 8 couples.

Our brother Mr. ASSIKI Kadjabalo Jerome organized a conference on the blessing in Landa in the village of Somoudè on April 17, 2018. We had 200 participants included the village chief and his wife. After that Mr. ALAKI gave a lecture. And this was followed by a blessing ceremony for 12 couples.

In Aou-Mono, out of 84 couples who participated at the event, 25 were blessed by the ILBOUDO Hortense family. They all did the indemnity stick ceremony and started at the same time the 40-day separation period. Among participants we had the village chief, a Pastor of the Baptist Church and the Imam of the village mosque.

At these events participants mentioned that the blessed families who brought them this amazing blessing from True Parents are true envoys from God.

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