Taiwan: 2018 Spring Seonghwa HJ Culture Festival


Prepared by FFWPU Taiwan

Taiwan has responded to the Mother’s promotion of HJ Culture and Art Activities for the second generation realm. Since 2016, it has included the Seonghwa culture Festival as an annual event for Taiwan Seonghwa students. On April 5-8, 2018, the 2018 Spring HJ Culture Festival was held in Greater China Region headquarters.

Centered on the churches, Seonghwa students started their training with regional theme for several months, and then there is a show competition during the HJ cultural festival.

In particular, this year, Shenghwa university students held the Divine Principle lecture competition, and they also lead the HJ cultural festival as main staff. ALT members also joined this event.

The content of the course focuses on the “HJ” and “centrality union” of experiential training, and cultivates dedicated concentration to feel the joy of union and victory from the course. At the evening of April 7, all students from all regions brought scenes of touching performances in order to give the greatest joy and glory for Heavenly parent, True Parents and brothers and sisters. We can see the impression and growth of all participants under laughter and tears, and they are also more united as one for each other.

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