Portugal: Inauguration of IAPP


Prepared by UPF Portugal

With the objective in mind of being one of the European nations to be able to inaugurate the IAPP before the arrival of TM in Vienna and also to help to create a good foundation for the important mission that brings the TPs to Europe, on 13 April 2018 we were finally able to fulfill that desire.

At the foundation of  WFWP’s successful annual event last November in Portugal, the opening of which was held in the Portuguese Parliament, the Universal Peace Federation divided its mission with WFWP as a co-organizer of this event, also involving some Ambassadors of Peace and partners from both organizations and went to work, to do it again, through this Inaugural Conference of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) in Portugal, under the theme: “Perspectives for Sustainable Peace in Europe and the World: the responsibility of Parliamentarians “.

Structured for two sessions, in the 1st panel, we had as moderator the UPF Portugal national president, Sérgio Vieira and in the 2nd panel, as moderator the national president of WFWP Portugal, our sister Marta de Carvalho.

Having used the main theme in Session I, in Session II the theme was: “Portugal and the Integration issue: Perspectives for a Mutual Prosperity”, where it was tried to discuss a more connected aspect with the relation of Portugal to its immigrants, particularly from his former colonies.

We had the great honor of being able to join us, as a guest speaker from one of the Portuguese speaking countries, an MP coming directly from São Tomé, Dr. Ana Rita, one who was also at our last big event at Africa Summit in Dakar.

We have felt from the outset and despite the difficult preparation at the same time, to the great Vienna event, the constant and continuous support throughout our magnificent journey from our leading European leaders, Jacques Marion and Giuseppe Calì, and even closer to that date, good to have their physical presence in Portugal, accompanied by our very wise and charismatic UPF President and Emissary for Europe, Dr. Katsumi Otsuka, an elder brother who, with his passage, presence and words, really marked the Portuguese providence for the future, especially after the event where we could hear from him on Sunday, in the celebration time, extremely interesting and inspiring testimonies and words of high encouragement and internal guidance, almost always with much humor in the mix.

In our meeting with the main staff structuring the event, there were three things that as responsible, for the accomplishment of this UPF event, I felt and considered important, together with the WFWP responsible, asking those present and focused on our Faith, Communication and Tuning:

Physical: Stress Control, a lot of Harmony and extreme Courtesy in dealing with this level kind of people, however, without being afraid of them, as they are people that HP and TPs want and need to save through us.

Spiritual: In order to ward off the “dark clouds”, one elder sister dreamed of,  I asked for a national condition to our NL that was answered and communicated nationally, included in the national condition that was already happening for Vienna event, so to read the Peace Message No. 5 between the 1st and the 13th of April.

Connection with TM/TPs: We made a question (UPF and WFWP) in one of our zooms, to ensure that our European leader Dr. Michael Balcom was very aware of our event and that it had already been communicated to TM about the preparation of our event in Portugal), which was confirmed by our regional leader Giuseppe Calì (confirming greater providential protection we needed).

So, in spite of everything, almost “miraculously” finally came the answer that we longed for, that is, it had been accepted the possibility of our event being held in Parliament and after some dates discussed was confirmed on 13 April, between at 2:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., in the same room of the Senate where the WFWP event was held before.

On the other hand, having invited the President of the Assembly of the Republic to be present at the opening and welcoming and not receiving any response (not even negative), we came to realize that some incidents happened with the letter that should have arrived to his office and did not arrive. But finally aided by the positive and tireless team of the parliament protocol, we were able to get another letter sent and then reach its destination.

As it happens that the Vice-President of the Parliament is from the CDS party, she later confirmed directly to Marta (WFWP), that having the president received the invitation letter but not being able to be present, she had been delegated by him to make the opening and welcome in our event. Adju HPs and TPs …

Thus, the inaugural launching conference in Portugal of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (AIPP) was successfully held in Portugal, with the collaboration of a University, a Lusophone Platform, a Business Confederation and a Radio; 12 speakers in total, with 7 MPs (two of them leading the parliamentary seats in their respective parties) and one former minister from one of the Portuguese-speaking countries; 3 Academics, among them the Vice-Rector of the University who was our partner. We also obtained coverage of 5 reporting media that included a TV, a Radio and 3 photographic reporting groups.

The audience was comprised of 120 people, including several of our Peace Ambassadors, some MPs and former MPs, members of some diplomatic corps, city councils, leaders of some religions and various organizations and associations, and about 40 members of our Portuguese movement were present.

The highlight of the event was of course the launch of the IAPP, with the signing of the Resolution, held at the end of the 1st Session, but before that, there was a moment of the event with the offer, through Dr. Otsuka, of a bouquet of flowers to the Vice-President of Parliament and also the offer of something that we wanted to be physically striking, a plaque in A3 size thanking Parliament in the person of its current President and which the Vice President received in his behalf, with photos taken for posterity .

We thank HP and TPs above all for the confidence and privilege of this opportunity, but we are also aware that behind the scenes were a lot of previous investment of the ancestors and the foundation of the work of the older members of this nation, from the beginning and the establishment of the our movement in Portugal in 1973/1974 and the work and effort of all the leaderships and brothers and sisters who followed in the beginnings of our church in Portugal .

On the part of UPF and IAPP, as national responsable, I would like to thank and praise all the cooperation and support of Marta de Carvalho, WFWP national official as co-organizer of the event, NL Sérgio and Hyun Joo Neto, of the two former NLs Dr. Avelino and Yong Wha Rodrigues and Mr. Liberto and Waltraud Silva, from my wife and half-brother Carla Vieira as co-arranger and director of several of the necessary materials, having been responsible for the Staff and being able to sincerely sincerely thank everyone the national brothers and sisters, for their total commitment and participation in the construction of this event physically or through their prayers and also to our European brothers and sisters who showed themselves from the outset completely united, physically and spiritually with us in this national and also European goal.

I fully believe that HP and TPs can be proud of us all because we have been fully tuned and focused on the same goal and direction, raising ourselves above ourselves so we can bring victory to God, the sow a good foundation for the coming of the TM to Europe, and I believe fully achieved by way of our nation “Celestial Portugal.” Well-Behind and Immense Heavenly Fortune and Mansei for Everyone.

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