Philippine: Leadership Training Seminar


by Malou Alcaraz, Richell Jalipa, FFWPU Philippine

the 21-Day National Leadership Training Seminar and Workshop conducted from April 1 to 21, 2018 in Antipolo City, with the theme ‘’Raising Young Leaders through the Culture of Heart”. This seminar was co-organized by YSP and CARP. And we had 21 participants from Luzon and Visayas regions. The 21-Day Workshop was conducted in two venues, in Sun Hwa International Academy Campus and in IPLC campus in Rizal province. A separate 21-Day Workshop will also be held for Mindanao participants from May 1, 2018 in Mindanao Training Center in Misamis Oriental.

On April 1, the workshop started with a keynote message by National Leader and Cheon Il Guk Special Envoy, Dr. Julius Malicdem. He emphasized the heavenly tradition that True Parents wanted us to inherit, quoting True Father’s words “To restore this world, let us go forth with the heart of a parent, in the shoes of a servant, shedding sweat for the earth, tears for humanity and blood for heaven.” These words were etched in the participants’ hearts. Consequently, this became their determination in the whole 21 days. Similarly, Prof. Richell Jalipa emphasized the value of the activity, saying ‘’There are so many leadership workshops in the world, but this kind of workshop is the most valuable, because God is the one who invited you all!’’

The education of Divine Principle and True Parents Life Course were presented by Prof. Richell Jalipa, Ms. Rowalyn Sucgang, Mr. Rene T. Lansangan and Mr. Froilan Matbagan.  CAUSA lecture was presented by Mr. Earl Earvin Baranda. Pure Love Lecture was delivered by Mr. Joven Gulayao, leader from HyoJeong Center; Homegroup Lecture and workshop led by Dr. Jaime Vergara, HTM Asia Director and the Blessing Lecture given by Mrs. Dulce Buyayo, BFD Director of the Philippines.

Participants felt God’s great love and how special this workshop through the many experiential activities, like the 3-day fundraising challenge, Tongil Moo Do martial arts training, basic Hangul lesson given by the CIG missionaries from Japan, Kunika Matsuoka and Yuri Ichiyanagi. Also, they had a day for recreation and adventure challenge held at a resort nearby. They experienced team-building through rope-climbing and swimming. It was on opportunity to bond with nature and with each other as one family under God and True Parents.

Following every lecture, the participants practiced giving lectures by trinity. Then, everyone passed the Divine Principle Written Examination, as well as, the DP Lecturing Ability Test held at the IPLC campus. It was a challenging yet wonderful experience for all of the participants, because most of them are first timers when it comes to lecturing. Nevertheless, they put their efforts to learn how to give DP lectures. Consequently, it became their preparation for the street preaching. Participant shared that they were very grateful for the life-changing experience while sharing the Divine Principle on the streets. They were also inspired after being promoted in Tong-il Moo Do and determined to continue their training for higher belts.

The closing ceremony was graced with the presence of National Leader, Dr. Julius Malicdem; YSP Asia-Pacific President, Prof. Richell Jalipa; WCARP Philippines President, Mr. Rene T. Lansangan; SHIA Principal, Prof. Lorna Lansangan, SHIA Administrator, Mr. Robert Mendoza and YSP-NLTP enlisted members.  Finally, the participants sang ‘Top of the World’ and ‘Saranghae.’ Everyone had teary eyes as they are about to say goodbye to one another, but are also aware of the many responsibilities that awaits them in their respective mission areas. The workshop victoriously concluded with three loud cheers of Eog Mansei!

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