Philippine: Graduation of the 2nd Batch of 1-Year Tongil Moo Do


Training and Peace Studies in the Philippines

Prepared by WTMF Philippines

In order to raise future leaders and support Vision 2020, the Philippine Movement embarked in 2016 a 1-Year Special Tongil Moo Do Training Program in order to raise fulltime Tongil Moo Do Martial Arts instructors. In line with this program, the Graduation Ceremony for the 2nd Batch of this 1 year program was successfully held last April 8, 2018 at the IPLC Gymnasium, in Tanay, Rizal province in the Philippines. There were a total of 38 graduates who were promoted to blackbelt belonging from the 2nd batch that have fully completed the 1 year program while the others are still in the process of completion of the requirements. Together with the graduates of the 1-year program were additional 57 newly promoted blackbelts from IPLC plus the completers of the 4th Batch of the 120-Days program and the completers of the Internship program. Also, part of the ceremony was the welcoming for the incoming students belonging to the 5th batch.

The event was very successful with Dr. Chung Sik Yong, the Regional Group Chairman for Asia Pacific and Chairman of World Tongil Moo Do Federation in Asia, as the guest of honor and speaker. He spoke about the importance of the 1-year program in developing young people not only in Philippines but in order to serve the world as martial arts missionaries to be sent in different countries helping to transform many young people around the world.

Congratulatory messages were given by some Special Guests namely:

  1. Rev. Masatate Kajikuri- Secretary General of UM Asia Pacific
  2. Police Chief Superintendent General Mao R. Aplasca – Regional Police Chief Director for Region 4A
  3. Hon. Reynaldo H. San Juan Jr.- Vice Governor of Rizal Province
  4. Dr. Robert S. Kittel- President, Youth and Students for Peace International
  5. Hon. Iliesa Delana- Asst. Minister of Youth and Sports, Republic of Fiji

They were very inspired of the program’s potential in developing young people from zero or hopeless young people into becoming heroes who can also lead others for become productive citizens of the nation.

Grandmaster Joon Ho Seuk, Founding President of the World Tongil Moo Do Federation International also gave his special message and motivated the new blackbelts into becoming good instructors for their future students just like how True Father have taught all members to become better. Together with him were Master Takamitso Hoshiko and Master Ishizake from Japan.

Other special guests who came to witness the event were Lieutenant General Raul S. Urgello, the new President of WTMF Philippines who gave the Opening Remarks; Police Senior Supt. Albert Ocon, Provincial Police Director-Rizal Province and Rev. Gil Young Hwan, IW for Education in Asia. Many regional leaders, parents and visitors were also there to witness and they were all inspired.

Highlights of the graduation ceremony were the recognition of graduates who will be sent to countries like Fiji, Malaysia and Oceania and testimonies from representatives of the graduates which gave so much inspiration not only to their fellow students but also to the entire audience. They testified about how the program helped them transform from their worse self to become someone they and their family can be proud of. They also attested how the Divine Principle have opened their minds for the clearer understanding of the purpose of their lives and answered the many questions they have before.

The graduation ceremony culminated with the Call to action led by the National Leader and CIG Special Envoy of the Philippines, Rev. Julius Malicdem and the shouts of Eog Mansei marking the determination of all the graduates 1-year program to bring victory for Heavenly Parents and True Parents in advancing Vision 2020.

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