Peru: Celebration of International Day of Mother Earth


‍By Trevor Edward Jones, UPF Peru

UPF Peru held the forum to celebrate the International Mother Earth Day of the United Nations with the co-sponsorship of the Secretary General of the Andean Community, Dr. Walker San Miguel Rodriguez.

The words of welcome and inauguration of the Forum were given by Ambassador for Peace, Dr. María Isabel Romaní Alcarraz, Pharmacist with extensive experience in local government work, Master’s Degree of Health Administration, PhD in Public Health, current General Manager of the Pharmaceutical Society of Development in Health Services (SOFIDESS SAC9).

The message from the UN, was read by Mrs. Susana López Merino, Ambassador for Peace and President of the Association of Organized Women and representatives of San Luis (A.M.O.R)

Our speakers were UPF General Secretary, Mr. Jaime Fernández, on behalf of UPF Peru President Dr. Trevor E. Jones and an excellent group of panelists, among them were Dr. Victor Ruiz Caro Álvarez, Ex-Congressman of the Republic and member of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace -AIPP, the Economist Julio Cárdenas Sánchez Former President of the Regional Government of the San Martín Region, the Environmental Engineer Christian Conteras Otiniano -Representative of the Environmental Organization TNC and Dr. María Isabel Romaní Alcarraz.

At the end of the Forum, 12 new Ambassadors for Peace were incorporated, all professionals who had shown to be following the UPF Guiding Principles, such as living for the good of others.

In addition, recognition was given to two large environmental organizations, The Nature Conservancy-TNC and the Environmental Protection Institute of “VIDA”, who were awarded for their work for the conservation, preservation of the environment, nature and the ecosystems of our planet.

The closing ceremony included the participation of 2 large musical groups, who captivated the audience of 200 people with their music and encouraged them to dance together.

The event was closed with the words of Dr. Victor Ruiz Caro Álvarez, Ex-Congressman and member of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace.

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