Australia: Orientation for CARP New Members

Prepared by FFWPU Australia

CARP was established at University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in January, 2018. The first event was prayer meeting held on Thursday 15 February from 2pm to 4pm at UTS. Participants were Japanese missionaries, UPA graduates, the national leader, centre members and CARP UTS president. Rev.Park the continental leader was specially invited for the prayer meeting and he prayed for the future UTS CARP.

There was big event (Open Day) for all the clubs at UTS on Thursday 1 March. All the clubs over 120 set up club stalls to introduce their club to UTS students and obtain the membership on the day. Our CARP also attended at O’ Day. Japanese missionary and CARP UTS core members prepared for this day. We introduced CARP by using booklets and handing out flyers. Over 20 students got interested in our CARP activity and left their contact details. 5 of them signed up for membership at CARP UTS.

On Sunday 25 March CARP UTS held an orientation for new members and people who were interested in CARP at Central park. The number of participants was 9; 5people from UTS and 4 people from other universities. The MC was Nori Park (CARP UTS president). In the beginning, we enjoyed BBQ, Mica Camera who is youth director in Oceania, introduced CARP, and then we played 2 icebreakers. The main activity of this event was the CARP TALK, which is a weekly discussion and application of core principles. Odette (CARP UTS secretary) gave a talk about her own life to the participants and we shared about our lives this time. It was a good opportunity to introduce our activities to new members.

We have recently started advertising the Nigeria Library Project at the Concourse at UTS main building every Wednesday and Friday. This project involves the collection of books in Australia and then shipping them to Nigeria. This project was started by Rev.Park. It became one of the activities of CARP UTS. We can also promote CARP to UTS students through advertising the Nigeria Library Project. Many people will get interested in this project and support CARP.

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