New Zealand: Oceania Peace Cup Fishing Tournament 2018

Prepared by WSFF New Zealand

Oceania Peace Cup Fishing Tournament 2018 was held from 30th of March to 1st of April 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand and was organized by WSFF-NZ Chairman, Mr Leon Pogoni along with WSFF-NZ Secretary, Mr. Robert Shelley. There were 25 participants from various countries of origin including Korea, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Fiji and Tonga. The event was graced by the presence of WSFF President, Dr. Yoon Tae Geun and Vice-President Mr. Choi Jin Ho who came all the way from Korea despite their busy schedule in order to assess the possibility of having a Fishing World Cup in 2023 in New Zealand.

The fishing tournament itself comprised of two options: 1-day or 2-day fishing in chartered boat. The total prize for tournament amounted to NZD 5500. The tournament was supported by FFWPU members who prepared hospitality sincerely and was heartfelt by all participants. It goes without saying that the event generates a lot of positivity not only for the winners, but also amongst all who are present.

It is evident that the foundation laid by WSFF-NZ had grown slowly but surely, allowing us to host more of these precious events in the future. We are especially grateful for the sincere efforts and longtime investments of its leaders, Mr. Leon Pogoni and Mr. Robert Shelley, along with the providential visit of Dr. Yoon to New Zealand. The success of this tournament has given all members in New Zealand a bright hope to continue creating the right environment for witnessing, in order to shine the light and love of Heavenly Parents’ and True Parents’ to New Zealand.

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