Myanmar: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop and Blessing


By Pasit Sirimalai, FFWPU Myanmar

It is their harvest time when Mr.​ & Mrs. Takashima who have been working in Myanmar for over 20 years as a national Messiah from Japan started to give blessing to their tribal area that they have been serving people there with livelihood project for a decade.

People respect and trust them and they have been introduced about True Parent and most of them have True Parent’s photos in their houses. When they started to organize the blessing ceremony, the numbers of blessing couples attended reach up to 458 couples within just two weeks even though it was conducted with small group of 10-50​ ​couples at a time. and people showed their strong determination to keep 40-day separation period and 3-day ceremony and to starting new family education as a blessed couple.

FFWPU Myanmar is proud of Mr. & Mrs. Takashima as they continue to raise these families up to be our blessed central families and becoming regular members in the near future. and we all can testify that because of their parental heart and show the love of God toward them making all these things possible.

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