Middle East Youth Envoy: 21-Day Workshop – 3th Batch

Prepared by FFWPU Middle East

On March 17th we started the 21 Day Training Program for the third batch of six MEYE volunteers in Istanbul Turkey. This batch was very special because for the first time we could welcome both sisters and brothers, 3 males and 3 females. After the 21 day training, they all went to Vienna to prepare for the visit of our Glorious True Mother. We are so grateful that we could support in this way. Tomorrow my wife and I will go also, to lead these amazing young volunteers, a total of 40 from different part of the world, and make sure that the hall will be full of enthusiastic and receptive guests.

During this training we decided to add new content to the lectures. From the previous workshops we understood that, unfortunately, the second generation doesn’t have a good grasp of the Divine Principle. This time the training included the main aspects of the Divine Principle and the Life of True Parents, emphasizing the heart of God and the heart of Hyo Jeong. This was a new experience for most of the members and they could understand deeply. Tears were shed, and many wanted to confess and make a new beginning. This made the spirit high and gave the participants strong conviction to fulfill their mission. Repentance and confession became an essential aspect of the training and the participants could feel hope and inspiration to make a new beginning.

During this workshop we took some time and went to a resort near the Black Sea to spend quality time with nature in reflection and meditation. Some second generation don’t have a deep relationship with God or a deep prayer life. Because of this we decided that they needed to spend some time in nature and to reach out to Heavenly Parents from their heart. They had a good experience. We were so happy because by sharing personally with God and with each one they could open their heartsbar and find the courage to confess and make a new beginning.

After the training was finished, we received many messages from the parents of the young people in our program thanking us for helping their children to renew themselves and find a new beginning. We are so grateful to help the second generation in this way and also find a way for them to contribute to God’s Providence in the Middle East.



Kanon Suzuki: I felt that heavenly parents called me to save me and He (heavenly parents) also needs me.

It is not easy for me to overcome my problems, which are breaking through barriers in myself and being honest. However, from some programs in the workshop, such as learning the history of the Middle East and watching short movies of children living in Syria, I thought that I was able to understand Heavenly Parents` hope for the Middle East and want to inherit His heart. In addition, I also want to try to overcome my problems not only for myself but also for the world and people of Cheon Il Guk.

Akimichi Isoda : Here in the Middle East, I was able to feel a kind of true love clearly through the Continental President who has worked with True Parents for a long time.

From the lecture of the Middle East history, I knew that the Middle East is the place where God invested in the providence for a long time and he felt deep sadness and happiness. I want to become a son who can contribute to give comfort to God in the Middle East.

In this workshop environment, I am feeling constantly induced to act more subjectively for the sake of my continuous growth. Workshops in Japan usually fix their schedules tightly with their staff and lecturers controlling everything thoroughly during the entire educational programs. We then tend to behave passively. But in this MEYE workshop, its schedules are sometimes variable or flexible, and we are urged to speak out and act out of our own initiatives. I find it great to have such an environment where I could train myself to act independently and overcome my hesitant character. I shall prepare myself to understand the Middle East much better to be able to contribute more to its heavenly providence.

Miki Fujimura: I could make an intimate relationship with God in Sile, where we went for reflection. Until now, sometimes I felt that I am alone. After hearing the lecture of Mrs. Angelucci about pray, however, I was able to talk with God and felt God is close to me. Through this 21-day workshop, I received a lot of love and made a deep relationship with God.

Bomsik Kim: I realized that I live now because of the conditions of True Parents and the 1st generation.

I want to know the heart of God that wants to save people who are suffering from the internal struggle and religious problems. When I had the experience where I honestly apologized to my parents for my past mistakes, I felt their unconditional love. As a result, my relationship with them got much better.

Shuji Sano: This 21-day workshop was full of God`s true love. I felt the pain of Heavenly Parents and True Parents because many children are suffering and even killed because of religious conflicts caused by people who strongly believed in God. I decided to invest 100% as a representative of God. We are grateful to the Regional Director and his wife and Mr. Yamazaki who did most of the lecturing. Also Mr. Yamazaki had a double job because he also needed to translate into Japanese.

Rieko Ueda: I started this journey with a serious decision, feeling this opportunity as the only tangible hope for me, having lost my path and future insight as the Second Generation, I felt I could not go  neither forward nor backward. At the same time, until now, my English was so poor that I could barely say my name or a word of greetings. And yet, here I am! Thank you, Heavenly Parent ! The Middle East seems to be contrary to my preconceptions and anxieties. Getting up early in the morning, taking a walk to the HJ Center and spending time with Regional President, Samonim, other staff as well as MEYE members, I am very happy at every moment. The powerful lectures of the RP couple have strong impressions on my heart. I was not obliged to come here but willingly I came to challenge myself and study here. I am so grateful every day! I know of my numerous inadequacies. I want to overcome all the difficulties to become a reliable and useful Second Generation for the True Parents.

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