Lithuania: HARP Winter Workshop


By Roma Karagezian, FFWPU Lithuania

We held HARP Winter workshop on February 16 to18, 2018, for the second generation children in Lithuania.

After having Heavenly Parents Day and True Parents Day celebration in the morning, at 12.00 pm, 11 participants age 7 to 14 gathered at FFWPU Headquarters in Vilnius to start their three day seminar. This year on February 16, Lithuania also celebrated 100 years since Independence declaration in 1918, so it was really amazing coincidence. Paying tribute to this, the seminar was dedicated to the theme of history, looking from the global perspective of God to the role of each person in it.

Led by Andranik and Artur who had gained lot of experience in GTGY SeongHwa 2017, and assisted by new HARP member and group of four parents, this seminar turned into wonderful experience for participants, who studied, played, had creative activities and outdoor challenges.

One of the most remarkable challenges was victorious team work in constructing a 3-meter-high snowman in the public park. People passing by stopped to watch this diligent activity, which suggests that even building a snowman sincerely can be a witnessing tool!

Seminar culminated on Sunday, with all blessed family community gathering for Sunday Service and continuing celebration of the holiest of Holy Days.

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