Italy: Family Festival and Blessing Ceremony


By Elisabetta Nistri Cali, FFWPU Italy

In the beautiful environment of our training center of Colle Mattia, a Festival for families was organized by the FFWPU community of Rome on March 25, 2018. Four couples attended the Blessing, while the community and several new guests participated in creating an uplifting atmosphere, full of music, inspiring speeches, testimonies, and prayers. The MC, Elisabetta Nistri, introduced the meaning of the ceremony and showed a video with some international Blessing ceremonies. Carmine Natale, the pastor that officiated the ceremony, gave an overview on the meaning of the Blessing as well. Attending the ceremony was a Christina Pastor, that gave a congratulatory speech at the end, in which he spoke of the importance of the family and spirituality, especially nowadays.

Monica Inferrera, a 2nd generation sister, offered a testimony on the Blessing ceremony that she attended last year, on September. She emphasized the relationship with God as a couple and the promise to live for the sake of others, as some of the main contents of the Blessing itself.

After cutting a huge cake, international musical performances from Africa, Japan, Spain and China, followed.

Japanese sisters donated each participant in the hall compositions of Origami. As always in our ceremonies, all participants were uplifted and joyful and promised to bring more people next time. This is really important, because our Blessing ceremonies are the best witnessing tool we have and convey a powerful idea of the Kingdom we want to build.

As nation, in agreement with all leaders, we decided to organize Blessing ceremonies constantly, possibly every month, even with small number of couples, to keep the Blessing spirit on and hearts and minds focused. We will go on, in the next months in other cities, until we will be able to break through and raise up our standard and goals to the next level.

We are aware that in a country of more than 60 million people, there must be so many people ready for receiving True Parents, as True Mother emphasized many times and we want to reach all of them, with the support of all the families that we are giving the Blessing. Once again, a key for the success was the cooperation between 1st and 2nd generations that is improving day by day, event to event. We invited now all the participants to receive education in one of the next workshops we will organize.

Finally, we cannot help but recognizing that the main power we can tap into is our True Parents’ Foundation and especially True Mother clear guidance. This is the main source of our success and we are so grateful for being part of this providence.

Thank you True Mother!

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