Italy: Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Assembly 2018


By Giuseppe Cali, FFWPU Italy

On March 10th and 11th, we held activities and the Wien event with True Mother. We gave an award to D’Onofrio couple, pastors of Florence, as “Exemplary Unificationist couple 2018”. Despite the many difficulties and financial lack of personal resources, are constantly witnessing in the city and recently bringing the city providence to a higher level. A 3000 Euro prize was included to support them. Everybody welcomed this initiative with joy and a big applause.

In the evening, after dinner, we had a discussion based on Youth activities, Mother speech given in Korea this last time, after which we all prayed together and shout a joyful “Mansei”.

The spiritual atmosphere was really full of hope, deep Providential concern and determination. Nevertheless, we could experience a deep brotherly love and joy to be together in working for our beloved True Parents. It was really needed, after some recent bad news, for which we had to make press releases and even going to the a special Police department, that invited us to clarify our complete separation from weapon based sects in USA. Thanks in Italy an Assembly of leaders of all Federations and departments. Thirty responsible members attended it, among them twelve 2nd gen. and youth leaders and pastors.

In the first morning Giuseppe and Elisabetta Calì gave a report about the recent events in Korea and the World leaders’ Assembly 2018. The report went from the explanation of directions from International HQ, to an overall report of all main events, to a very deep reporting on True Mother’ speeches and guidance.

Then a report from all Federations, communities and departments followed in the afternoon. We could share a lot situations, possible solutions and plans, especially centered on Tribal messiah CARP, HARP and the future inauguration of YSP. Especially inspiring was the attitude of all these young Unificationists, full of hope, enthusiasm and new ideas. Among them a pastor, four deputy pastors, two witnessing leaders, two National GA and accounting, one UPF Vice President, one WFWP secretary, one HARP leader.

In the following Sunday morning, after pledge, reading and prayer, we had a planning session, discussing in detail plans for Blessing ceremonies based on Family Festivals, DP seminars for guests and Ambassadors for Peace, UPD and WFWP conferences and especially our mobilization and contribution to the Wien event. As a conclusion, Giuseppe Calì gave a last internal guidance based on a True God, we were very convincing and hopefully we will not have any consequences and the meeting with Police officers was very friendly.

As True Mother mentioned, none of these strange phenomena would happen if we had already a nation, so our absolute determination is to build this final victory as soon as possible and bring Glory to Heavenly Parent and True Parents. True Parents’ spirit was tangible all over our assembly and True Mother’s words resonating constantly in our hearts, so we are in the best possible hands and the final victory cannot help but coming very soon all over the world, as in the Europe South Region and Italy. Thank you, True Parents! We love you True Mother!

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