Sun Jin Nim Speaks at the Inauguration of YSP Europe & Middle East

Sun Jin Moon at the Inauguration of YSP Europe

Keynote Address

Sun Jin Moon, International President of FFWPU

April 28, 2018, Vienna, Austria


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YSP Vienna!

How are you feeling today? Good! Yeah! I hope you are all feeling awesome, excited, filled with love, joy, liberation and peace? Yes? Wow, love the energy in this room!

Good afternoon everyone!

It’s wonderful to see all of you gathered here today.  Thank you for attending today’s program.  It makes me absolutely delighted and hopeful for our future seeing all of you gathered as one family under God, our Heavenly Parent, and united together for world peace.

I am sure that at tomorrow’s victorious rally with our beloved True Mother, you will light up not only the auditorium, but all of Europe and the Middle East with your loving energy and bright glowing spirit!

Please give yourselves a thunderous round of applause for all your sincere hard work, True Love, absolute faith, and victory! AJU.

Being alive at this time with our True Parents is such a precious blessing, and, ideally, each and every moment should be filled with experiences of abundant joy, true love, unity, harmony, and happiness.

Who doesn’t want this for themselves and their loved ones, even for the whole world and creation, to live together in peace? Right? Yes!

Furthermore, just as much, and even more than each one of us longs for a world of lasting peace, our Heavenly Parent, too, longs for this dream of peace to become a living reality.

Sadly, however, and as I’m sure many of you have experienced, the world we see today does not measure up to this great ideal. Too often, there is conflict or struggle all around us, even within ourselves.  Our planet is threatened by environmental degradation, climate change, rising sea levels, and extreme weather patterns.

Family breakdown is widespread with devastating social consequences. On a social level, differences often become barriers, with boundaries marked by race, religion, nationality, ethnicity and social status.  We fail to recognize that we are one interconnected global family. Instead of experiencing the warm embrace of family, neighborly love, and community, many feel isolated and alone.

We seek peace and fulfillment, but often search for it in the wrong places, seeking wealth, prosperity, or fame without a focus on higher values and virtues.

How do we build healthy families if marriage is no longer held sacred? How do we build community when we no longer care for our neighbor, but live in competition, us vs. them, on every level.

Externally, we are now linked together closer than ever. But even as we are all linked, many have lost sight of our divine origin, that which unites us and all life as one universal family under God, our Heavenly Parent?

Any reasonable person, even a child, when observing the situation of our planet—east, west, north or south—must ask, where is the love? Where is the peace? Sometimes it seems nowhere in sight!

We cannot continue to blindly turn away from the problems that our future descendants will inherit.  We must become the leaders who teach and heal the hearts, minds, and souls of humanity, guiding all people to live under Heavenly Parent’s ideal.

How many of you have thought about these things? Have any of you who are now gathered in this room encountered moments of disconnection or worry like this? Please raise your hands if you have.

Of course, most all of us will raise our hands, right?

How does that make you feel? Pretty sad, conflicted, worried, mad, dejected, or just bad right?  This is not OK!  We must raise the bar! We must strive higher! We must live for love, peace, and prosperity for all. This is Heavenly Parent’s dream!

We were created to experience the good in life and to give absolute joy, love, fulfillment and peace to all.  So how do we get to peace?

Where does peace begin? It begins with each one of us. Peace begins with Me!

The solutions to our world’s problems begins with each and every one of you.

We must make a change within ourselves and raise our voices and live our lives courageously, spreading Heavenly Parent’s truth and healing the world with forgiveness, love and unity.  We must follow in our True Parents’ footsteps; we must meditate, mobilize, and march together for peace.

True Mother is standing at the forefront, leading our global movement to bring an end to ignorance, hate, division, pollution, violence, prejudice, greed, and war. She is mobilizing the world to no longer stand by and accept the destruction, death, and degradation we see around us. She is calling out to the world’s 7.5 billion people. She is rallying God’s sons and daughters from every corner of the earth, charging each one to rise up and become the solutions and the saviors to all humankind and creation, embodying Heavenly Parent’s peaceful ideal and dream for a universal culture of True Love and Hyojeong.

Every life has a divine light and when you allow that light to shine, you brighten the world.  You expand our Heavenly Parent’s light of familial love or Hyo Jeong love. In this way love may grow and thrive universally.

When young people such as yourselves tap in to this universal truth, you will help create a new Hyo Jeong culture of filial heart that will liberate Heavenly Parent’s heart and restore harmony and balance to the world.

Do not think you are too young or that you do not have the ability to change the world?

Remember that what you think becomes your reality.  So, do not limit your mind, body, heart, and soul. As a son or daughter of Heavenly Parent, you share in God’s infinite purity, goodness, vitality, and unlimited life potential. Do not block your heart.

Liberate your heart!  Liberate your soul!  Liberate your true self!

Liberate yourself through the power of true love.  Then peace will start with you.

True Father, when he was 16 years old, wrote the poem entitled “Crown of Glory.” He knew and testified to the truth that peace started within his own heart.

I want to share this poem with all of you. It will be our hoondokhwe.

Crown of Glory

When I doubt people, I feel pain.

When I judge people, it is unbearable.

When I hate people, there is no value to my existence.


Yet if I believe, I am deceived.

If I love, I am betrayed.

Suffering and grieving tonight, my head in my hands,

Am I wrong?


Yes I am wrong.

Even though we are deceived, still believe.

Though we are betrayed, still forgive.

Love completely, even those who hate you.

Wipe your tears away and welcome with a smile

Those who know nothing but deceit,

And those who betray without regret.


O, Master, the pain of loving.

Look at my hands.

Place your hand on my chest.

My heart is bursting, such agony.


But when I love those who acted against me,

I brought victory.

If you have done the same things,

I will give you the Crown of Glory.


Wow. Those are powerful words right? He was just 16 when he wrote this poem, and committed himself to the path of peace, beginning in his own heart.  He never failed to live according to that commitment. Together with our True Mother, they created a worldwide peace movement, doing an amazing and unprecedented array of good works all over the globe.

And, he has given us the inheritance that makes it possible for us to spread the truth, to ignite the spark of love all over the world, to build a global culture of HJ heart, and to liberate all mankind and creation from the chains of heartlessness.  In this way we can transform the world into the peaceful ideal of love that our Heavenly Parent originally intended.

Can we do it? Yes!

Are there any 16 year olds or younger gathered here today?  Show me your hands.  WOW! Now, if you are 16 years and older, please show your hands?

Whatever age you are, young or old, can we as one universal family under Heavenly Parent and True Parents share the heart of Hyojeong and bring glory to our parent’s legacy for peace? Yes!  Aju!

I know each of you share our True Parents’ heart and will be victorious! AJu!

I have absolute faith that all of you shall receive True Father’s crown of glory.

Of course, this is not a simple course to follow. It took True Father many decades to master his heart of Hyojeong True Love for Heavenly Parent, even till his last days on earth, as he lived earnestly and continuously trying to better his heart of love, grace, and wisdom to share with all humanity.

When we as youth try to follow in True Parents’ footsteps, the road ahead sometimes seems impossible and too hard, right? True Parents’ perfection is so far from where we are starting out, right?

We may psyche ourselves out before we even begin to try, right?

That is all normal. No one is born perfect. We all need to practice, right?

Over time only practice makes perfect. It is a growth process. There is formation, growth and perfection.  Only with absolute FLOW—Faith, love, obedience, and wisdom of the word—can we achieve these higher levels of love and truth with ease.

One practice I have found that grounds and centers my heart no matter what goes on in the angry world at large is meditation and yoga. It has been my spiritual and physical lifeline, and I attribute all the good in my life with this practice as a foundation of mind and body unity and oneness with the divine light in all living beings and creation.  It has been what has saved me countless times, allowing me to live and lead with the light shining in my heart, rather than succumbing to the darkness that surrounds us. I would like to share this practice with you, because it has brought peace into my heart, and I hope this Crown of Glory meditation will bring peace, love and light into your lives.

COG Meditation:

Brothers and sisters, I would now like to lead you in a meditation which will strengthen your mind and heart to meet life’s challenges. We are going to fill you with peaceful gentle kindness, true love, and God’s divine unconditional love and light energy.  I call this the Crown of glory meditation. AJU!

Please find a comfortable seated position.  Let your sit bones deeply take root into your seat. From the base of your spine feel a lengthening of the spine up towards the crown of your head. Gently close your eyes, and feel a glorious golden ray of divine light shine and illuminate your crown.

From the center of this illuminated crown feel the light lift you up higher, lengthening your spine. You are Heavenly Parent’s divine true child. Feel this loving warm light raise you up and lift you away from any tension or anything that weighs you down. Notice the body let go and release itself from things that pull it down.

Relax your shoulders away from your ears; lengthen the neck, relax the jaw; let go of tension. Feel your head become weightless and balanced at the top of the neck. From your grounded seat, feel yourself grow beautifully tall, up toward this light at the crown. Stay here for a moment to bask in this divine energy.

In this tall balanced, seated position, take a moment to notice your breath. At its natural pace, is it short, long, choppy, even fast paced, labored, light or deep? Whatever it is, just take this moment to notice your breath. Your breath is the mirror of the mind.

When we are sad, stressed, nervous or angry, it shortens and tightens. When we are happy, loving, calm and relaxed, it lengthens and deepens. When we feel hatred, our breath shortens, our life force shortens. When we love, our breath extends and our life force extends.

Breathing in, inhale life, oxygen, peace, and love. Exhale and let go of all that no longer serves your life. Inhale, welcome life, the divine gift of air and let it fuel a greater flame in your divine light. Exhale, letting go and giving gratitude for all the life force that has been given.

Let your breath bring in abundant blessings and gifts of life from the universe, and exhale joy and gratitude. In the simple act of taking notice of your breathing, you can feel eternally loved and nourished. Breathing is give and take action with the divine. Notice how in each and every moment God is serving you, filling your lungs, giving you blessings and this precious life; in return we offer gratitude, joy, and love.

Breathing at your natural pace think of a loved one. Imagine this loved one, being or thing. Visualize it. How does this being make you feel? What are the things it does that bring you joy? Replay those joyful loving moments in your mind. Take the time to notice how they make you feel in your heart.

Hold that image and feeling; let it deeply nourish your heart. Feel that loving energy fill your being. Feel your heart open and bask in this love. As you share love, feel it grow and multiply even greater. Feel that deep heartistic connection, that loving union, that complete freedom, happiness, and harmony in the embrace of loved ones.

Feel the complete give and take of boundless love, forever filling you with abundant joy. Stay here for a moment and let this loving vision deeply take root in your heart and mind. Feel the completeness and total oneness, harmony and joy of this union.  This is CIG. When we are one.

Now think of someone or thing that is neutral to you. It might be the mailman, or a person serving you coffee; just anyone in your daily life who you may pass by casually and have no deep connection with. Focus on that neutral person and imagine that same loving feeling for this person as you would have for your loved one.

Visualize sending or treating this neutral person with the same openness and loving joy that you share with your loved one. Imagine smiling, saying kind words, offering a helping hand, a handshake or a big hug. Notice the change in that neutral person as you love them. Visualize their response, as they respond in kind, smiling back, saying thank you or some kind words, connecting on a higher level of love, and hugging you back.

Take the time to notice how this divine love in you can elevate any relationship. Notice a confidence and a joyful return that comes with opening your heart and loving all your neighbors.  Your love has the power to change the world. You are no longer separate from others.  By choosing to love, you bring all beings together in God’s divine love. You are Cheon Il Guk.  We are all one.

Now imagine someone or something you don’t like, that may have caused you pain, suffering, heartache, loss, betrayal, fear, anger, hate, or who you do not respect. If you have no one or nothing that comes to mind, we all know the archangel. So try to visualize your archangel whoever or whatever it is.

You may notice around this difficult being, your heart feels like its shrinking away or clenching into a fist. You may notice your breath shorten or tighten or you may labor to breathe. Remember your breath is the mirror of the mind.

So, I want you now to imagine this enemy as a loved one. Do not let someone’s darkness extinguish or diminish the light of God’s love in you. Use the power of the divine breath of life in you. You choose to breath in deeply and allow life and love to flourish, and let go of all fears and things that no longer serve you. Allow your mind to focus on those feelings for your loved one.

Feel the deep love, openness, eternal divine light and goodness flow from your heart to this enemy. Notice how the image of this enemy changes, as you share deep compassion, care, kindness, higher consciousness and divine love. Visualize the shift in your heart as it opens and loves your enemy as your loved one.

Notice how this difficult person you hug, hugs you back. Feel your heart open freely in this embrace. Feel the healing and forgiveness, replace all loss and darkness. And see a golden light of love at both of your heart centers grow and warm each other in this embrace.

Notice the difference one heart, your heart, can make when it chooses love over hate. Notice your breath and your being glow even brighter and deeper as you invite God’s light and love completely into your heart and you share it with the world. You are Cheon Il Guk. We are all one.

Take a moment to feel this loving victory. Feel the divine light energy that is in your heart carry and give life to each living being and the whole of creation. When we all live as one united family under God, there can be no darkness.

Notice the ray of light at the crown of your head illuminate brighter and flow all over your being in a blanket of love, joy, fulfillment and everlasting peace. You are the Crown of glory. What you focus on becomes your reality. CIG is alive in you. You are victorious! We are all one. AJU.

Gently opening the eyes. Feel God’s love and True Parents love fill your heart with unconditional love and infinite peace.  Turn to your neighbor and share a glorious hug with each other and offer a deep Kamsahamnida. Salanghamnida. Namaste.

Beloved brothers and sisters. It has been a true honor to be with all of you today.  I sincerely hope that all your dreams come true and I know that you will become great leaders for peace that will work to transform this world back to HP dream.

Wishing that you will nurture and cherish your divine light of truth, goodness, love, joy and peace and please never forget that peace does start with you.  I look forward to seeing this bright amazing energy and love you will bring tomorrow when we will hear the precious message from True Mother at the “peace starts with me” rally.

Are you ready for true peace! Yes! Do you feel the peace in your mind body and soul? Yes! This is how HPs meant for us to live! Aju!


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