Hong Kong: Inauguration of Three Associations

Prepared by FFWPU Hong Kong

On April 13th and 14th, 2018, we hold the Inauguration of Filial Piety Association in Hong Kong. Among the participants we had scholars from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea.

In this event, we analyzed and discussed about the causes and measures for the collapse of the family, the biggest problem of our time. At the same time, we established the Association for the Cultivation of Cultural Heritage, a body that will develop this movement worldwide.

For the past 13 years, Hong Kong has been actively participating in the annual “Filial Piety Cultural Encouragement Contest” for promoting family ethics and morality. From now on, the association cooperate with educators and religious leaders to develop a global alliance for the establishment of family ethics.

At the event two former presidents of the Hong Kong Legislative Assembly (Grand National Assembly) congratulate us for the establishment of the association. Hong Kong Confucius Institute Chairman Tang Ogai, Hong Kong Buddhist Association Chairman Guan Wang Daishi and Taiwan Taoist School Director Lim Ano, were among the particiapnts and they also congratulate the development of the Association. We have agreed to cooperate in stablishing the “Hongyang Hyojung Culture Academy” in a joint effort.

The scholars and school leaders who attended were very open and we had enthusiastic discussions, this was an academic conference, and a charter event that made the conversation cheerful and hoped to build a true family culture.

At the same time IAPP (International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace) and Chinese People’s Federation World Peace were established very successfully during this academic conference. It was truly a period of grace and blessing, in which the three Provincial Departments started at the same time.

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