Greece: Establishing a New Beginning

UPF lands in Greece to establish a new beginning for the country


By Giuseppe Cali, UPF South Europe

The UPF Albania in cooperation with Giuseppe Calì, director of the South Region of Europe and Prof. Vasileios Toulikas, organized the founding meeting of UPF Greece, on March 30th 2018, at the Hotel Porto Palace, in Thessaloniki.

The story of this event is quite interesting. Prof. Toulikas was appointed as Ambassador for Peace around ten years ago in Albania, but for all this period he couldn’t do much, being very busy in teaching at the University and involved in political activities. When he met Mrs. Alma Thano, a famous Greece national level athlete and Ambassador for Peace herself, living in the same city of Thessaloniki, they decided together to establish UPF in Greece. They started to gather people and contacted a common friend in Albania, Prof.

Flamur Shehu, one of the Albanian AfP, in order to organize an introductory event for all their contacts.

All this is very meaningful for two reasons: the first, being Greece the cultural root of all Europe, it was painful to see that basically nothing was going on there. With some up and downs the movement in many years could develop just a very small activity and raise very few members. When True Parents went there, in Athens, in 2011, True Father was very disappointed about the situation and wanted to have a break through organizing suddenly a conference, with no preparation. Still, among the 700 participants, around 200 were Greek, so we had hope that a new start could happen at that time. Unfortunately, there was no follow up and the chance was lost. Still, the foundation made by True Parents was there, waiting for somebody to take it and start to develop a providential work.

The time has come now with this meeting. Around 40 people gathered, among them Gani Roshi, the Albanian national leader that came to support, Dr. Ali Lacej, coordinator of Albanian Peace Council, Prof. Shehu, Prof.

Toulikas, Mrs. Alma Thano, Mr. Russel Gough, coordinator of activities for Greece, Prof. Porfirys, one of the few Blessed members there, Giuseppe Calì, Director of South Europe Region, and around 30 guests, potential activists of UPF Greece.

In the speeches we gave, we offered an introduction to the UPF and its activities worldwide, a vision on the building of a new society, a presentation of the founders and a call to action for all participants. Ten new AfP were appointed, amounting to a total of twelve AfP now, and all participants expressed their appreciation and desire to cooperate actively. Among them several young potential leaders.

The second reason why this event was so meaningful is that, it is surely connected to next True Mother’s coming to Europe, in Wien. It is not by chance that, after such a long time and exactly when she is coming to liberate Europe in Mathausen from its past horrible history, that the root country of the past, is awakening. This event was, with no doubts, a foundation to receive True Parents, not only for the country of Greece, but for the entire Europe.

We are very happy that finally we could have a break through and I’m sure that True Father in Heaven was smiling with joy to us down there, in seeing that his effort for Greece is finally bringing results. We really felt the presence of our beloved True Parents all the time, in the preparation, during the event and after it, when we saw the hope of Greek participants raising to completely new levels.

I’m personally so happy and grateful to True Parents, because they allow us to live inside this amazing “miracle providence”, in which anything can happen any moment, if we keep unity and invest with a heart of hope and joy.

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