France: Memories of African Summit

Prepared by FFWPU France

On Easter Monday, April 2nd, 2018, an Ambassador of Peace from UPF-Lyon welcomed Mr. Patrick JOUAN, UPF-France vice-president, for a testimony on the African Summit in Dakar. Patrick gave a deep report on various events and an explanation on interdependence, mutual property and universal values. Guests occupying high positions could ask profound questions. It was a way to inform the Senegalese community, in its own office “SOPE”, about these important events in Dakar which will have an impact on the future of African. Chief Sadio Alassane N’GAIDO, one of the eldest community leaders, former president for “les Amis de la Présence Africaine à Lyon”, in charge of history, was named Ambassador of Peace.

Also, for the 3rd consecutive year Christians and Muslims gathered to celebrate the Annunciation of the Angel Gabriel to Mary, in the Lyon region. Monday, April 9, evening, more than 500 people gathered in the church of Vénissieux to sing, pray and listen to readings from the Bible and the Koran concerning the Annunciation, sung by men and commented on by women.

In the hour preceding the celebration, it was a time of sharing over tea to get to know each other.

With the Archbishop of Lyon and the Rector of the Great Mosque, many priests, pastors, imams, elected officials, and simple believers, there was a very warm and joyful atmosphere. Some peace ambassadors, including Abdel Malik Richard DUCHAINE and Jean-Paul GABARRE, who are fond of interreligious encounters and members of the Sons of Abraham. Among the guests were the priest Régis CHARRE of the Assyrian-Chaldean community and Father Christian DELORME the tireless militant of interreligious activities.

The evening continued with a couscous dinner. This type of meeting allows us to visualize the future with optimism.

Gathering of Members NorthCommunity

On Thursday evening, we organized a meeting in the North CARP House to thank Shigenori SUZUKI and Victor VANALDERWELT for having coordinated the North community from September 2017 to March 2018, after Dominik & Ursula DEDOURS left for Alsace (near the native village of Ursula) to accomplish their tribal messianism (430).

We gave also our encouragement to Jean-Paul JAGER, Helen SUBRENAT and Jean-Henri VANADERWELT who, after a general consultation, were chosen as trinity to coordinate this community. Jean-François MOULINET also gave some explanations about Tribal Messiahship (430), inviting all members to start to create a list of their tribe.

On Friday afternoon, we could also visit a Thai Monk in Roubaix to propose that we help organize a Family Festival in his Pagoda. We have fixed a tentative date of August 2nd for such a Family Festival.

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