DR Congo: Reflections on the Youth 7-day Workshop

7-Day held from March 14 to 21, 2018, in Kinshasa, DR Congo, under the theme:’ New Youth for a New Africa’


Prepared by FFWPU DR Congo


Reflection One

I firstly offer my gratitude to Heavenly Parent and True Parents for their love and grace that I receive every day. Not long ago the Only Begotten Daughter of Heaven; our Beloved True Mother came to Africa. She liberated Africa and proclaimed it Heavenly Africa.

Three days ago we had the opening ceremony of the 7-day workshop with True Parents’ representative in Africa Rev Bakary Camara, Group Chair of Heavenly Africa.

The Group Chair’s message gave a clear vision and purpose of our life of faith. In one hour and half he explained the essence of life, the consequences of the fall, his history, the necessity of the Messiah.  He connected everything to Mother’s vision and expectation from the youth.

He stated:” I have missed you. It is not only my wish, but True Parents’. True Mother wants this to happen. And being here today with you is a great honor for all of us.

You are True Parent’s fruit. True Parents’ mission is to change the lineage of all mankind. The fall brought about sin, and sin has been affecting humankind for thousands of years. Why are suffering today?  We have never known our Parents. That’s why we couldn’t be educated.”

Rev Bakary gave them three points to think about seriously: Where are we coming from? Where are we going? Be sincere with yourself.

We have 293 youths attending this special workshop with a strong passion, determination to follow True Parents’ directions. They have a pure and clear spirit to serve and attend True Parents. Truly speaking, these young people are ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of Heavenly Parent and True Parents. I was amazed to see such a determination. Most of them abandoned exams, classes, works, in order to attend this long awaited workshop. Through this workshop, DRC can be liberated.

My wish is to see these fellow youths to move forward with an indomitable spirit in attending Heavenly Parent and True Parents. I am so proud of them. And I am sure that this can only be Mother’s love and grace.

All glory and honor to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

True Mother’s love touched them through Rev Bakary.

Reflection Two

I am sincerely offering my deepest gratitude and appreciations to Heavenly Parent and True Parents of Heaven and Earth and Humankind for this special and very inspiring youth 7-day workshop on the theme:” New youth for a new Africa”. We began on the 14-03-2018 in the Democratic Republic of Congo; Kinshasa, kinkole, and finished on the 21-03-2018. It was full of inspiration, passion, and determination. 293 youth gathered in the name of True Parents in order to start a new beginning centered on a true philosophy of life taught by Heavenly Parents through our beloved True Parents for the first time in human history.

This long awaited workshop that has just taken place has been an eye opener for our young generation to realize their origin in terms of the providence. We have had workshops back in the days, but not of this kind. At the opening ceremony were our True Parents’ representative in Africa Rev Bakakry Camara, the Regional President Rev Futila Dimayeko, the national leader Rev Jean Pierre Kadima, the UPF Vice Chairman Honorable Deputy Tshiyoyi Luboya, the local pastor of Kinkole Bruno Ndambi, and parents of participants.

Throughout the workshop we received guidance every morning and evening from our Africa Group Chairman Rev Bakary Camara. He spoke about many things such as God, the conscience, True Parents, the consequences of the fall,his story, etc. we also had sessions of questions and answers. It was a necessity to make young ones realize their true identity by giving them a global vision of their background, and at the same time to make them think of their future with and without True Parents, and finally create a sense of sincerity with themselves.

The Africa Group Chairman really connected his heart to the participants within a short period of time. A day without seeing him was unbearable. Each and every day they all came looking forward to greet him. The only way we connect to our Heavenly Parent is through True Parents, there is no other way. We need to be more than 100% serious. Each one of us has to return to his/her original position as a true person. Restauration is not an option, it is a must. Because of the fall we are who are today.

In order to receive God’s love you need a foundation of faith. I have to establish my foundation of faith. Adam and Eve didn’t follow God’s word, they didn’t trust God. Today we have to have faith in God and True Parents, then follow them.

Rev Futila in one of his sessions spoke about True Mother. He made the participants understand that She is the substance of the Holy Spirit. It is our responsibility to follow Mother absolutely.

The spirit in the workshop was so high. Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ love kept us alive and motivated. Day after day our behavior improved. Because of the love that we felt during the workshop, today more than 60% of the participants decided to start public mission. They felt the agony that Heavenly Parent had gone throughout history because of humanity. They gave me courage and determination to intensify my efforts in serving and attending True Parents. I am grateful to Heavenly Parent for bringing me here to assist. I learned a lot. The workshop revived me too in many aspects. Congo is the country of my birth. Many brothers and sisters that I left behind are determined to do Heavenly Parent’s Will.

21-03-2018 marked the end of the workshop. Our closing ceremony was so inspiring. Many VIPs attended and gave words of encouragement. All our guests saw hope in the young people. This is possible only through True Parents. Thanks True Parents!!! I love you!!!

Once again I am thankful to Rev Bakary Camara for his passion and love for True Parents.

All Glory and Honor to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents!!!

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