DR. Congo: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop and Blessing


By Mike Samuel Makenda. FFWPU DR. Congo

Sometimes things are surprising, but God acts in real time; Thank you God for your grace and your assistance for the blessing on April 22.2018.

On this beautiful day, 11 couples received True Parents’ blessing; which makes a total of 35 Couples (8 couples on April 8, 16 Couples on April 15, and 11 Couples on April 22, 2018).

We began these events to educate and give blessing of marriage since March 4, 2018; and now it is already the 8th Week. 27 couples for the second Week in the second 40 days which began on April 11, 2018. And we have promised Heavenly Parent and the True Parents to have blessing event on each week. And for that we always do our best to overcome any problems on our way.

During this time, we have experienced many spiritual phenomena in Esanga; there have been 4 prophetesses; blessed couples have received messages from the spiritual world, testifying to holy wine from True Parents as a solution step for removing the original sin.

We could realize how important it is to have a life of faith, deep prayer and a clear understanding of the Divine Principle. WE should not waste our time, deceiving ourselves but we should be clear that True Parents are here with us and we should do our best to unite with them.

Members in Esanga are inspired. The spiritual messages they have received, encouraged all the couples to follow the way of the original standard set by heaven. So blessed families are to help people to receive blessing of marriage or to renew their weddings Vows.

From April 8 to April 22, 2018 we have blessed 35 Couples.

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