DR Congo: Esanga as A Model of Heavenly Tribal Messiah


By Mike Samuel Makenda, FFWPU DR Congo

This Blessing Campaign was launched on March 1, 2018 with objectives to reach 2580 couples till August 1, 2018 and 5160 Couples at the end of the year. For the month of March; we blessed every Sunday couples whose total number gives 102 couples; Either 32 Couples for Sunday 01 April 2018, who are either Heads of Streets or customary chiefs.

A spiritual phenomenon manifested itself through a pastoral woman who came with her husband to receive blessing. She received a spiritual message on the field. In her message she challenges all couples who have refused to receive blessing, and clearly shows that the blessing is a reality that saves couples and that those who refused the blessing should leave the ceremonial hall and are cursed; because they are considered as bad fruits, so says God is alive. This testimony even pushed the couples who had refused the blessing to repent and ask for forgiveness. It was moving and even the 12 Couples of our team as former blessed couples, we were so edified of this Divine visitation and revelation from that woman church pastor and prophet,

We are working in Esanga erea with a team of 12 blessed central families and we have set up a community project to create micro finance with already blessed couples. This is why we have created the special center for the restoration and blessing of monogamous couples as a strategy of the FFWPU in Esanga; which has 27350 inhabitants.

If all 12 families totalize 430 blessed couples, by the end of the year we will have 5160 couples. But to achieve this; we now have among our 230 already blessed Couples, we are selecting 120 Couples as the basic foundation to get 5160 couples, if and only if each couple gets 43 Couples by the end of the year. So with these 5160 couples once reached, an ambassador for peace who works in the field of humanitarian assistance with his organization, supports these couples with mini credits of $100 per family. In return, the couple receiving this $100 will start a lucrative activity and start saving $4 a month from the NGO. Thus we can stabilize these families after their blessing and continue to educate them with the principles and tradition according to the original standard of the true parents. Then the 12 Families can be qualified as Victorious Heavenly Tribal Messiah.

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