Dominican Republic: Hyojeong and Divine Principle Workshops

by Jake Laviña, CARP Dominican Republic

We held a 4-day Hyojeong and Divine Principle Workshops at La Finca, Bonao from March 29 to April 1st, 2018. We had 52 participants (18 people for Divine Principle Workshop and 23 people for Hyojeong Workshop) including staff and Cheon Il Guk Missionaries from USA and Japanese. The two workshops were held simultaneously.

For the Divine Principle Workshop, we had some new guests and members who hadn’t finished receiving the divine principle lectures completely. It was a good opportunity for them to understand the principle more deeply.

Hyojeong Workshop was exclusively only for the active members and second generation. The purpose of this workshop was to educate our active members and second generation on how to apply the principle in their life and to develop their life of faith. It was a precious opportunity for them to understand God and True Parents’ heart.

All the participants of these two workshops were happy and excited to face the new chapter of their life as they have successfully finished the workshop. They set a new determination to apply what they have learned this time to contribute something to the providence, and to Heavenly Parent and True Parents until 2020.

Thanks to all the participants who participated in this workshop as well as to all the fulltime and Cheon Il Guk missionaries who really worked so hard during this 4-day workshop. Thanks and deepest gratitude to all the parents and leaders who supported us from the first day until the end. Most of all thanks to God and True Parents for guiding us during these workshops till the end. We hope that this workshop will serve as a new beginning for all of us to be stronger sons and daughters for Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

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