Czech Republic: Revolution of Heart


Prepared by FFWPU Czech Republic

In the end of March, on the occasion of Easter holidays – time of spring and resurrection, CARP CZ organized together with CIG missionaries from USA special 5-day seminar about Universal Principles called “Revolution of heart”. Through this seminar we wanted to offer to young people highly inspiring seminar with more practical view on Universal Principles, something that would be more connected with their everyday life and reality and that would help them to grow in their heart towards our Heavenly Parent.

The seminar brought together around 15 participants. It was mixture not only of different age groups and generations, but also of different races and nationalities. We had guests f.e. from India and Kazakhstan and also precious support guests – 2nd generation from Czech and Austria. Thanks to our main lecturer, uncle William Haines and his vast knowledge in different spiritual scriptures, experience and ability to combine information from different fields, all participants were able to recognize the unique value of Divine Principle and apply the knowledge to his/her current life situation. Also with kind support of our national leader, Martine Masner, and other elder brothers and sisters we created nice family atmosphere that was crucial for the successful completion of the whole seminar and complete experience of the guests.

Although it has been just 5 days, we had a chance to go together quite a long journey full of nice discussions, common time with some challenges, games and mainly lot of fun and laughter. Together we went through following topics: Does God exist and what is he like, why did God created us and the universe, how can we live meaningful and moral life, stories of healing and restoration and how we can apply it to our own spiritual path. Except mentioned lectures, the daily schedule was full of common time and activities from delicious breakfast, lunches and dinners to afternoon activities (sports, games, art session, sharing) and special evening programs (movie, games, open mic).

The end of the seminar was in a spirit of reflection. The day before closing ceremony we organized symbolical repentance evening where all participants could reflect and release themselves from some things that burden them. The last day started deeply with lecture about True Fathers life. After following graduation ceremony with certificates and little Easter surprise gift from our CARP leader Veronika we had a great common Korean lunch and enjoyed together the last common moments.

All of us received a lot of inspiration for future and everybody was enthusiastic about further studying and finding the meanings in old stories to apply them in our daily situations. The overall feedback of participants was very deep and positive, especially about the lectures and general atmosphere of the seminar. Most of the guests felt loved and expressed their desire and determination to continue in studies of Universal Principles and they also want to join the Vienna event in the end of April. Our main focus now will be to prepare them to go to planned 15-day workshop this summer.

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