CÔTE D’IVOIRE: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop


By Philbert Seka Seka, FFWPU CÔTE D’IVOIRE

On April 5th, 2018 Rev. Philbert Seka Seka and Mrs. Rachael Beauty Seka held an introduction to worldwide work of True Parents specially to providential organizations, in their tribe of the Sub Prefecture of Becedi Brignan, Cote d’Ivoire. We had 125 particiapnts.

During the event, we  spoke about the work of True Parents in all around the world through many organizations to achieve the Ideal of creating a One Global Family under Heavenly Parent where all humanity live and love each other as true brothers and sisters.

The event was chaired by His Majesty, Anatole Yapi Atse, Central Chief of the Sub Prefecture of Becedi Brignan assisted by 4 chiefs and their notables from other neighboring villages.

We began with traditional greetings from the chiefdom, a prayer of one the Blessed Pastors of the Tribe and national anthem of Cote d’Ivoire. Following, we had the introduction of Tong Il Moo Do by Master Julien Adja and a show of the students of the Mafa Tong Il Moo Do club of the Tribe. The Club is founded in December 2017 and had 35 students age ranged from 5 to 25-year-old. It is the only martial arts club in the Sub Prefecture and very attractive.

Youth and Students for Peace was introduced by Mr. Teby Blaise, a Youth Leader. He explained to the audience, the importance of Character Education for young people. This year, a number of 120 youth leaders of the tribe will be trained based on the Hyo Jeong Character Education curriculum. Later, Mrs Degbey Agathe of Women Federation explained the role of women to stabilize the family and build a healthy society. All the 430 women of the 430 Blessed Families of the tribe are prior members of Women Federation for World Peace. Those women will be set in group of 12. They will receive regular education based on family values. A seed money will be provided by Rev Seka Seka and wife to the groups to do some economical activities for self-help programs.

Then, Rev. Seka Seka introduced the concept of New Village Movement and the Kona Coffee Project. The participants were very impressed and committed themselves to be part of the program and set up the Blessing as a tradition in Becedi Brignan. They are also ready to prepare lands for the Kona Coffee Project. Noted that Cote d’Ivoire is 3rd Coffee Producer in Africa.

Before ending the program, Rev. Seka Seka appointed His Majesty, Anatole Yapi Atse as Ambassador of Peace.

Finally, Chief Anatole concluded the event by expressing his gratitude to our beloved True Mother for granting him the opportunity to make the trips of Hawaii in December 2017 and Korea in February 2018. “Mother Moon is very exceptional. Bringing people from diverse horizons from around the world not because She want to show herself up but to talk about something we all need in humanity, that is peace, make me to understand Her heart of a True mother. Thank you Mother Moon.” he said.

All participants gathered to share together food. They said that, this is the first time to see such an event in the Sub Prefecture.

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