Côte d’Ivoire: Celebration of 59th True Parent’s Day

Prepared by FFWPU Côte d’Ivoire

On 16th April 2018, 1st Day of the 3rd month of the 6th Year of Cheon Il Guk, we celebrated the 59th True Parents’ day at our headquarters in Yopougon Mamie Adjoua.

Beyond the ordinary aspect that seems to have this day, for the Unificationists, it is a day of major commemoration. It is indeed one of the main Holy Days of our heavenly tradition, observed by the blessed central families all around the world.

It was at 8:00 am, when in front of an altar beautifully prepared the day before for the event, the National Leader and his wife, begin with the family pledge as all the participants followed estimated at more than 70 people.

The main message given by the Rev. BEUGRE, was taken from the CSG and invited the blessed families to be model parents who can set a good example to their children.

“To raise one’s children, one must take care of them with more love than one devotes to oneself. When we fulfill our responsibility as parents, our children come to understand the love of the parents, and when they have their own children, they will educate them the same way “(Rev Sun Myung Moon)

Although it was a working day, and so many parents and children could not make the trip to the headquarters because of professional and school obligations, the party was still well animated by the team of young missionaries and schoolchildren from Family School who have offered great benefits really appreciated by the participants.

Indeed, in a special way, the organization of this Holy Day in Abidjan was entrusted by the national leader, to our young people of the 2nd Generation guided by their leader sister ASSOUAN Chini Véronique, president of the Organizing Committee.

“Our children have grown up and become very dynamic young people with a lot of talent and potential to serve True Parents! “Recognizes an older sister visibly amazed by the ease with which the young MOCKEY Yeong Jin Gofel, the Master of Ceremonies was used, from the beginning to the end of the ceremony, the microphone he held in his hands.

The Day of True Creation, which is the next Holy Day and is scheduled for June 14, 2018, has now been entrusted to the eldest families from 6000 to 30,000 couples.


You can see the photos of the celebration here


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