Côte d’Ivoire: Awareness Campaign on Pregnancy in Schools


Prepared by WFWP Côte d’Ivoire

The problem of premature pregnancies in schools, has been for several years, a thorn in the foot of both political and administrative authorities and parents of students in Côte d’Ivoire. And the Women’s Federation for World Peace, with its maternal heart, cannot remain indifferent to such a deplorable situation.

So we decided, with a little zeal and a lot of love to engage in a huge national awareness campaign, based on Character Education.

We hold two conferences on April 17 and 18, 2018 with a theme “Awareness before Marriage” which took place respectively at the IFEF of Marcory, the Municipal High School Pierre Gadié 1 of Yopougon and the Municipal High School of Abobo.

Mrs. Yessoh, President of the WFWP Côte d’Ivoire and her team led these conferences in front of a very attentive audience of pupils, parents and the administrative staff of these schools.

The lectures were unanimously appreciated by students who promised to maintain their sexual purity until marriage.
The heads of the different institutions, satisfied with the content of our teaching, wanted our conferences to start at the beginning of the school year for a better follow-up. They recommend distributing gadgets to students at the end of each lecture to motivate students more. The requests are well received by the WFWP Côte d’Ivoire which provides for the installation of a purity club called “WAIT” in each establishment as of the next school year.


  • “We would like the WFWP Côte d’Ivoire to organize the most conferences of this kind in our school” Miss Esmel Naomie, student
  • “I was impressed by the advice given by the speaker. I would like more advice because I lost my virginity at age 14 during a rape and I always say to myself I’m no longer a virgin so I can afford to have reports. Please, help me not to ruin my future! “. Miss Diallo Mawa, student
  • “I think that this conference was for me a success, I realize that I was not really on the right track …” Miss Bahou Grace Esther, Student

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