Costa Rica: Divine Principle Workshop for Second Generations


Prepared FFWPU Costa Rica

We held a workshop for second generation children from March 29 to 31, 2018 at FFWPU Costa Rica Headquarters in Guadalupe, San Jose with theme . This workshop was organized by the older members of the 2nd generations that are part of the Student`s Directive. The purpose was to help the participants to understand who is God and how can we connect to Him as our Heavenly Parent. Among the topics that were explained this time, we showed how True Parents, Jesus and Moses learned and used their life experiences to connect with the heart of God, and through that, they were able to focus their life to the Will of God. The participants also had the opportunity to practice what they learned through different activities that also were meant to help create a better communication among them as brother and sister. They also had the chance to visit Holy Ground. The atmosphere was really good in general because both the participants and the staff had different situations in which they practiced the hearth of sacrifice for others and the participants were really enthusiastic when learning new things about our Heavenly Father and True Parent`s life course.

The participants were able to learn more about God and that He is our Heavenly Father, the reason why He has a suffering hearth and that trough a heart of Hyo Jeong, we as sons and daughters of True Parents have a responsibility of making God and True Parents happy and proud of us. The participants learned how True Parents and Jesus were able to connect with the hearth of God and that they gave everything in order to make Him proud and follow His Will. The participants learned why we need to make conditions. They also understood that God has a heart of a father that has a greater purpose for us. They also learned the meaning behind the Holy Ground and the sacrifice that True Parents had to do in order to establish them all over the world and that they, as second generation, have the responsibility of keeping the tradition inherited by True Parents. Also staff members experienced the importance of teaching the words of True Parents to the future generations by trying to connect with God and having a heart willing to live for the sake of others.

Andrea Herrera Rivera, 11 years old said: “In this workshop, we learned about God and that we are his children, and that because He is very sad and He suffered a lot, we have to study a lot to make Him proud and happy and we have to follow the example of True Parents as second generation of Costa Rica”

In the future, we have to keep teaching the younger generations the life and sacrifice of God and True Parents so that they can become true sons and daughters that can inherit their heart. The older second generation members will keep learning and practicing so that they can teach the words and heart of True Parents in a better way. We will do different activities and hold different workshop that will aim to protect and help the Seong Hwa members grow within the heart of True Parents because they can become the future leaders of this country.

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