Congo Brazzaville: Martial Arts Conference


Prepared by FFWPU Congo

In order to support True Parent’s vision of establishing a world of peace centered in Heavenly Parent, Tong Il Moo Do Congo Brazzaville started its activities in the 6 year of cheon il Guk by organizing a Hyo Jeong conference on March 31, 2018 in Pointe–Noire under the theme “How to develop the characters of values in martial life”

10 martial arts Clubs and gymnastic club took part in the conference (Judo, Karaté, Kung Fu wushu, Kyokoshin, Boxe,).

The conference was coordinated by the national instructor President of Tong Il Moo Do, Mr. MOUELET Wilfrid, with the assistance of local pastor of FFWPU, Pastor MILOLO Maixent.

The lecture began with an overall meditation. Then the Pastor of FFWPU Pointe-Noire Rev.MILOLO Maixent introduced the unification movement organizations and the link between the FFWPU and Tong Il Moo Do. The General Secretary, Mr. KASONGO Yannick presented the general view of martial arts.

A lecture on the theme of conference was presented by President of TIMD Congo, Mr. MOUELET Wilfrid. He showed various conflicts that exist in the world of martial arts especially in our clubs and in our daily life then he gave the solutions by relying on the 7 actions that lead to morality: Master Self, Generosity, Humility, Honesty, Chastity, Patience, Responsibility.

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