Cameroon: All Children Need Care


Prepared by WFWP Cameroon

The Women’s Federation for World Peace Cameroon, abbreviated as WAPA, on March 31st, 2018, paid a heartfelt visit to the Compassion orphanage in a neighborhood of Doual, Cameroon’s economic capital. The orphaned children grouped themselves and sang heart touching songs of welcome which moved the WFWP group.

The President of the Littoral regional chapter of WFWP made a brief speech and it was followed by the donation of a variety of gifts to the management of the orphanage, and pictures were taken to mark the end of the first phase.

The second phase of the visit was a motherly service activity rendered by the WFWP mothers and sisters to the orphans. It included general cleaning of the orphans’ clothing’s, pencils and compound. In a new way the orphans could feel the smell of motherly care and love.

The visit left indelible prints in the hearts of the orphans and founders. They expressed deep concern in cooperating with WFWP in the nearest future.

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