Brazil: The 6th Parents Matching Convocation

Prepared by FFWPU Brazil

Blessed Family Department of Brazil & Latin America held the 6th Parents Matching Convocation at the church headquarters of Brazil on March 30-April 1, 2018.  The convocation was a great success with more than 100 participants (parents and leaders from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and Paraguay).

The purpose of this seminar was to help the parents:

  1. To understand clearly the Matching and Blessing Process.
  2. To have networking among blessed parents in order to have a closer bonding for possible matching of their children.
  3. To give a deeper education about the Value and Significance of the Blessing.

Parents were so grateful that they could participate and receive a lot of internal and external guidance on how to properly guide their children to go through the matching and blessing process step by step.

Lectures covered topics such as Sex Education, The Danger of Pornography, the True Family Movement Project, the Correct Attitude of Choosing a Partner based on the words of True Father, The Providential History and the Value of the Blessed Children, the Value and Significance of the Blessing, The Proper Education of our Children, The Formula Course, True Love versus False Love and the Matching and the Blessing Process.


Many of the participants reported that the lectures had a great impact on them.  They realized how valuable and important it is to have a deep and clear understanding of the Matching and Blessing Process in order to properly guide their children for a victorious matching and blessing in the future.

The seminar gave so much hope and inspiration to parents and revived their faith and determination.  They could be happier, contented and inspired, contributing to a better relationship and harmony in the family.

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