Brazil: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop and The Youth


Prepared by FFAPU Brazil

Our mission as a Heavenly Tribal Messiah is to testify about the True Parents and liberate all humankind from Satan’s influence through the truth, as tribes we are working to establish a nation under God.

On March 30, the home group Estrela de Luz together with Santo Amaro´s Church held a 3-day Divine Principle workshop for new guests.  We had 52 participants and they all listen to all the lectures in this workshop without missing a day. After the workshop, they were full of hope and wanting to bring their families to studies the Divine Principle.

We thank all the members that dedicated their energy and time to testify about True Parents and bring people to the headquarters to study Divine Principle. During this time, they prepared all the lecturers and gave their all to let these people know about the truth.

May more people come to know about True Parents and be able to establish one united nation so that we can to offer to Our Heavenly Parent.

An introduction to Raising Future Leaders

On March 30, 2018, we had another meeting of the Hopeful Home Group which was held at the church of Santo Amaro, with more than 50 participants.

It was to strengthen the blessed families by focusing on the youth, to help bringing all their potential to bring hope and joy to the heart of God. Following the instructions from our True Mother, young people have taken the lead in these projects, preparing for the role of future leaders, establishing a commitment to God and for the sake of their own families and strengthening our blessed community!

These actions have really been transformative. In this last meeting we discussed about Family Habits and the importance of creating routines aligned with the tradition that with the recurring practice will be converted into celestial habits. On the importance of communication in the family, on trust in the family nucleus and on how to strengthen these pillars.

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