Brazil: A gift of Heart for the Children


Solitary Easter – Santo Amaro´s Church

By Inowan Almeida, FFWPU Brazil

We started a partnership between the Pastor Elias Foundation(HTM) and the Grupo Pão de Açúcar Foundation that is part of the largest network of Brazilian markets. After intense preparation behind the scenes to qualify for this action, we counted on 40 volunteers among the members and the group of young Grow to be in 5 stores of Pão de Açúcar encouraging the clients to donate chocolate for this Easter with the objective to benefit children needy and our own unificationist community.

The result of this action was more than 170 kg of chocolate collected. It was a victory! By this action, we use our hearts to serve and devote a few hours of the day to the happiness of our blessed children and families.

On this last Sunday, April 1 we started the process of distribution of chocolates that will culminate with various actions in needy environments, providing a little happiness and love for our family to the community.

We thank all the volunteers behind the scenes and all the donors. That more partnerships and successful actions serve to further leverage the meaning of life: to serve others and to testify about True Parents.

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