Bolivia: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop and Blessing


Prepared by FFWPU Bolivia

After 21 years of dedication in the providence in Bolivia, president of the FFWPU Bolivia, Mrs. Hilda Claros de Jitto began the first stage of the heavenly tribal messiahship. This time, we had 70 couples who received the blessing of marriage from True Parents.

Originally it was the wedding for sister of Mrs. Hilda Claros de Jitto, and so she used this opportunity to educate and bless all the relatives participating at the event.

Rev. Jung Moon Lee and his wife Mrs. Yuri Nakatani were the officiator of the blessing. All the participants who received a lectures on divine principle moved and inspired by the new truth as well as True Parents’ love. They could also learn about the value of the blessing and its meaning through the blessing lecture that was given as well.

Then before the blessing ceremony, participants had the opportunity to receive holy wine in which they felt a new spiritual revival in their lives.

Among the participants we has some of our church pastors and leaders from the different regions, who came to witness the event, as see the examples so that they can do the same in their region as well. They all will soon begin their heavenly tribal messiah workshops and blessing; with the example they have seen this time with the Claros de Jitto family.

It was an event in which great joy and blessing from Heavenly Parent and true Parents shared among all those who present.

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