Austria: Family Festival and Blessing at Celestial Church of Christ


By Elisabeth Cook, FFWPU Austria

On March 24th, 2018 we could host a joint Family Festival together with the Celestial Church of Christ in Vienna.

The contact to the Celestials had been kept the last years mainly by one brother who attended their services and supported them in various ways. Already in 2003 one of the Celestials’ couples could receive the Blessing. This time, in 2018, more couples could be blessed: all together 9 couples with their children present, and 10 others whose’ spouse couldn’t come.

The celestials’ shepherd (bishop) opened the meeting with a heartfelt and powerful invocation, followed by songs into which all of their members joined in.

A mixed choir in which members of the Vienna Peace Choir (Family Federation) sang Celestial songs in Yoruba language and Celestials joined into the Unification Holy Songs created a beautiful atmosphere.

Two speeches were given by the Celestials about how to create a God-centered family and how to build a good relationship between husband and wife Bogdan Pammer, 2nd gen Unificationist pastor of Upper Austria, Linz, gave a lecture about the Three blessings, totally based on Bible quotes. The Celestials loved it, and even those who were skeptical before could develop trust in us.

Finally, the Holy Wine Ceremony and Blessing took place, with Dr. Dieter and Ana Schmidt, Regional Chair of the Central European region conducting the ceremonies.

In his congratulatory speech Dr. Schmidt expressed that “now we are brothers and sisters, and as such we have to take care of each other!”

The event was streamed worldwide by the Celestial Church’s technicians.

We all felt that we need our Christian brothers and sisters and that we have to exchange and work together with them much more in the future.

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