Austria: CARP 1-Day Workshop

by Akio Friesacher, CARP Austria

“Peace Starts with Me” was the motto of our 1 Day Workshop, which took place on the 3rd of February in Vienna. As a conclusion of the various Activities of the past semester CARP organized this event with the aim to bring young people together to nurture in ourselves the culture of peace.

Around 27 people attended this workshop from different cultural backgrounds. We were a diverse group in age and nationality. We welcomed people from Afghanistan, China, Eritrea and more as well as young and old, mothers and children.

The program included various activities. Singing songs was a creative way of awakening our eyes and ears before each lecture. We received three lectures, which talked about peace on different levels: the individual peace when mind and body are in harmony, peace between people, when relationship are healthy, and peace of the environment, when people know how to treat it with love and care.

Every lecture was followed by a discussion to let the participants share their thoughts and questions with each other.

Lasagne, salad and a few breaks gave us time and power to refresh ourselves again. Social games created a joyful atmosphere and also gave us the possibility to get to know each other closer. We could also listen to a testimony by our elder brother, who talked about how he found peace after his fundamental questions of life were answered.

This workshop was a great opportunity for different people coming together and sharing how peace can become a reality in our daily lives. We could feel genuine love and care throughout this day, gain new insights and now move forward with a new determination.

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