Angola: Leaders Assembly


By Kinambuta Sambu Pedro, FFWPU Angola

The Africa Chairman, Rev. Bakari Camara through the Africa secretariat office, authorized Rev. Futila Di Mayeko Michel to travel for visiting leaders and member in Angola  in order to guide and update about our true mother’s instructions also to prepare the visit of the regional president to Angola in the future.

From March 31 to April 1, 2018, we held our seminar in the provincial headquarters in Cabinda with 470 participants. 15 church leaders had to travel long way to Cabinda province in order to attend the seminar. Representatives of WFWP, FFWPU, YFWP and other providential organizations attend the event as well.

Rev. Futila Michel explained the desire of the continental leader to know the real situation of Angola and later Report to the continental leader.

Many information was given by Rev. Futila concerning the recent providential activities based on our true mother speech. The information About the upcoming general assembly in Senegal was given to members where the new strategy will be explained in order to prepare well the 2020 vision. Rev. Futila learn more about some difficulties situations that the providence in Angola is facing and also could understand the potentiality that the country has for the development.

Rev. Futila could hear about members and their problems, suggestions etc. Finally, he advised us to urgently start the Association of parliament for the world Peace as the recommendation of the continental director.

It was a great experience for all members to receive a new orientation which can help to understand our true mother desire for the fulfillment of Cheon il guk based on each member responsibility. And also the appointment of Rev. Futila as the sub regional director of central Africa as his former mission, because he knows well the country.

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