Côte d’Ivoire: Ambassadors for Peace Seminar


Prepared by UPF Côte d’Ivoire

On April 14, 2018, we hold an education seminar for our Peace Ambassadors in Hambol region, Katiola, north-central Côte d’Ivoire, with 14 participants.

The audience consisted of Hambol nationals living in Abidjan. The training started at 10:00 am and ended at 14:30.

Mr. Eugène Ahondjo, General Secretary of UPF Côte d’Ivoire, gave the main lectures. The presentations focused on the following topics:

  • A vision for peace explaining the ideal of God’s original peace,
  • The cause of conflict and evil, spiritual value as the foundation of leadership and conflict resolution.

The participants appreciated the content of the training and expressed their desire to learn more so that they can be able to work concretely in the field. At the end of the first presentation, two people expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of practical tools for resolving conflicts, but in the end they appreciated the training.

This seminar comes after the award ceremony for 42 new ambassadors for peace that took place on February 3, 2018 in Katiola, before the authorities of the city.

Our next step is to establish, the Peace Council of Katiola which will officially install in the city of Katiola before the end of this month.

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