Albania: Blessing Ceremonies in Elbasan and Tirana

Prepared by FFWPU Albania

Following previous Family Festivals & Blessing Ceremonies, we held the 9th & 10th events for 2018. On April 14th the Elbasan Community organized a beautiful event in the centre of the city at Skampa Hotel where around 100 people gathered to attend the Family Festival. Among them, 20 couples became part of the Cosmic Blessing Ceremony. Among them were also several Ambassadors for Peace.

Even though many more couples had confirmed their participation but only 20 showed up, all brothers and sisters were very happy and welcomed warmly everybody believing that soon everybody in the city will become part of the blessing.

The next day, on April 15th, another beautiful Family Festival took place in the superb of Tirana, Peza Village, which is located about 20 km from Tirana city. The event took place in the Cultural Centre of Peza, which was offered to us by the Administrative Unit of Peza. The local government and the Peza High School cooperated with us in preparing the hall and also performances for the Festival. Over 130 people came together with many children and 50 couples received the Blessing.

We are determined to bring victory through the Heavenly Tribal Messiahship providence in Albania and soon we would like to offer Heavenly Tribal Messiah Victors to True Parents.

Everything is possible when we do our very best and allow Heavenly Parent, True Parents and the spirit world to work based on our sincere devotion, therefore we totally devote these Blessing Ceremonies to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents!

Also, great thanks to all those brothers and sisters who worked tirelessly to bring such victory!


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