Albania: 4-Day Divine Principle Seminar

Prepared by FFWPU Albania

On March 22 to 25, 2018, we held a 4-day seminar on Divine Principle for the Albanian youth, under the theme “As a Global Peaceful Citizen!”. We had about 50 participants.

The seminar was coordinated by Majlinda Ziko and directed by two MC, Marsida Sina and Eglantina Hoxha. Initially, the participants were introduced to each other. A coffee at Mullet, may be described as the first introductory part of the seminar. The participants were divided into two clans. Each of the clans consisted of two families. The clan separation was thought to be a way of facilitating the work of group leaders, which is often not easy at all.

The seminar had a very interesting program. The lectures given by three lecturers, namely Savjola Konja, Manjola Vasmatics and Gani Rroshi. Focusing on only three lecturers has made it possible for the participants to deepen and understand the Divine Principle more easily.

The group discussion has been addressed by questions, which have created the opportunity to know more about one another’s mentality across groups. The next innovation was the morning inspiration, called the Aim of the Day. The coordinator was able to direct members every day based on the stages: formation, growth and completeness for three consecutive days. Also special sessions were those led by Entela Mustafaj, which enabled members to find practical cases to apply the Divine Principle. The next day Dorina Prethi could talk about Hoon Dok Hae’s by sharing some specific moments for which True Parents have spoken in many of their speeches.

The seminar had teamed up in the morning, with various games organized by Korean missionaries. One program during the workshop was Workshop Got Talents, where young people were invited to be enrolled to attend the last semester of the seminar. It has often been difficult to encourage young people to display their talents, but this time organizing in such a form, everyone took part naturally. In addition to singing, bouncing, reciting or essaying, all the groups were prepared to perform acting and dancing together creating a very family atmosphere.

The Second Coming is well received by people who were first introduced to the True Parents and thanks to the spiritual protection of all brothers and sisters who were willing to help with everything that was needed during workshop.

The last day was closed with a lecture given by the President of FFWPU Albania, Mr. Gani Rroshi on “Rebuilding Happiness together”. Subsequently, preparations for the closing ceremony started. The staff members were able to express gratitude to the participants by performing a song in front of them. There could be no reflection oriented with a survey that contained questions about the seminar. Then to organize the ceremony as best as possible, it was thought that the groups would test how they should get the certificate. The participants were fairly cooperative and the ceremony went very well.


“From the beginning of the seminar so far I have wondered how Heavenly Father works with us to prepare us for and get the Second Coming. Although it’s not the first time I can have this lecture, every minute I feel I hear it for the first time. Every time and more, strong emotions can be felt for Heavenly Parents. ”

“I felt like in my family, in a place where there is love how can you feel different?! It is a reflection of my life and a great turn to look at things in a different way. ”

“This seminar went very well, though few people, still made an extraordinary energy. Being a bit of a person had a good one, you could meet everyone and talk to everyone. I have felt that God has enjoyed with us. Things done with sincerity and the right heart are successful. “

We hope and pray that in the future we can work harder to receive the blessings from God and True Parents.

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