Zimbabwe: 3-day Blessing Mobilization Workshop for Bishops


By Bosako Iyolangomo, FFWPU Zimbabwe

61 Bishops from ACCZ plus 14 members including some of their wives most of who recently did 7-Day workshop in Zambia attended a 3-Day workshop from march 23 to 25, 2018. It was held at Hunyani Hills Hotel with Hoon Dok Hwe from 6 o’clock for 1 hour then lectures went on throughout the day with meal breaks and tea breaks in-between.

During the first two days we concentrated on Divine Principle lectures and the last day was on Interfaith Peace Blessing and Heavenly Tribal Messiahship Providence with Video testimonies from America. The Approach Book was also introduced. Most of the Bishops had received the Blessing already and explanation of the deep meaning of the Blessing was revisited. At the end of the workshop two bishops got the Blessing right there. Some interesting lectures were also given on how to build peace centering on True Parents’ Teachings.

Archbishop Ndanga main message was that ACCZ has to work with Family Federation. The requested a Marriage Blessing Certificate and the lawyer was tasked to design a marriage certificate that is in line with True Parents’ Teachings.

This workshop resurrected everyone and they really want to work with FFWPU and it has been suggested by Archbishop to start with 120 churches to be chosen first and focus on those only. They all want to start Blessing their church members, want approach books to be supplied, and registration forms to start Couples Registration. Some have already committed to start in April.

Many bishops would like the small version of Cheong Seong Gyeong. They really love to read True Parents’ words. In our discussion groups everyone was overwhelmed by True Parents’ words and their love for the Heavenly Parent. A video was shown on True Mother’s work the HJ Cheon Won Complex Project. They all love True Mother so much and would like to meet her very much. Archbishop also talked a lot to them about True Mother.

Many thanks to our main lecturer Rev. Jean Augustin Ghomsi supported by Pastor Andrew Mulenga and all those who participated actively in the workshop. The bishops also took time to enjoy boat rides on the lake.


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