Zambia: Special 3-Day Workshop For Youth Missionaries

Prepared by FFWPU Zambia

41 youths gathered for a special 3-Day Workshop for a new beginning at Barlastone Park from March 15-17, 2018. The purpose of the workshop was to assess the work of the youth missionaries so far and refocus their activities for efficiency’s sake, in line with the providential need of raising future leaders for Zambia and Africa. Rev. Jean Augustin Ghomsi, Regional Witnessing and Education Department Director, and Rev. David Isaac Phiri, National Leader of Zambia, were the lecturers.

The first day started by Hoon Dok Hwe on The True Parents’ Practice of True Love (Cheon Seong Gyeong, Book 3, Chapter 3, Section 3, p.351). The aim was to make each participant realize that True Parents are great because they have succeeded to restore the true love that was lost in the Garden of Eden as well as understand the suffering course they had to go through in order to restore it.

After breakfast, Rev. Jean Augustin Ghomsi started lecturing on the Principles of Creation.  He spent the day insisting on knowing the true God, the Heavenly Parent/child relationship, the Give and Receive Action, the Three Object Purpose, the Four Position Foundation, the Purpose of Creation and the Portion of Responsibility and the Spirit World.

There were discussion and talks on witnessing: its meaning, purpose and how to do it. One could see by the end of the day changes taking place in their thoughts as well as on their faces. They were more enthusiastic than before.

The second day, the Hoon Dok Hwe was on The mind and body of a True Person (Cheong Seong Gyeong, Book 4 True Person, Chapter 1, Section 2, p. 368) The aim was to make each understand what is the conscience and the need to listen to our conscience as our second God.

During the day, Rev. David Phiri, gave the lecture on the Fall of Man. He spoke intensively on the Process and Motivation and the Consequences of the Fall. Here, a particular emphasis was put on the need to report daily what is happening with us as a way to stay under God’s dominion.

Discussion time took place and Talks on Fundraising were also given. They also had some time of choir practice with Mrs. Sybil Wone.

The second day went well also. The atmosphere was changing and was becoming more serein as the workshop progresses.

On the third day, we had Hoon Dok Hwe about The Path of Faith (Cheon Seong Gyeong, Book 8, Chapter 1, Section 3, p. 810). The aim was to make each participant want to live a meaningful live, to become someone whom history will remember.

Rev. Ghomsi gave the lecture on Restoration. He particularly put emphasis on the need to understand which conditions we should make to attract God and good spirits to help us as well as the conditions that allow evil spirits and Satan to rule our lives. He call on each to make the list of bad or good conditions that we may make. He then took time to elaborate on the need to make indemnity conditions in our life of faith, as there is no restoration without indemnity. He gave different examples of indemnity conditions. He also put emphasis on the need to establish the Foundation of Faith, the Foundation of Substance in order to receive the Messiah. Rev. Ghomsi concluded with the fact that each one of us is the product of history and needs to take responsibility for the past, the present and the future.

In the afternoon, there were discussions, video of True Mother in Senegal as well as talks about national restoration. The participants understood their responsibility about the restoration of Zambia as well as their contribution towards the Heavenly and Shining Africa.

After dinner, all wrote their reflections and expressed their feelings about the whole 3-Day workshop.

The spirit became very high. They all regretted all the past mistakes in the mission and decided to start afresh with indemnity conditions. Each participant expressed his or her desire to help in the Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ providence in Zambia, and especially to make True Mother happy. All have committed to do a 7-Day fast for the sake of Zambia. They will be doing it in a group of three per week. Some of them who are Global Top Gun graduates will be selected to go in a mission in another country.


Simon Mwanza: “This workshop was fruitful to me such that I came to realize how important I am and how I can be part of this providence of restoration. I thank God and True Parents once again and all staffs members for such wonderful family workshop to teach us as your children to become people who can fully participate in God’s providence.”

Mirriam: “This workshop has being inspiring and I have learned a lot. I have now know the thing I used to see as small mistakes are important in God’s and True Parents’ eyes. I have now realized my mistakes and I will try as much as possible to leave my bad habits. I will live a life centered on God and according to the principle. I know this path that I have chosen won’t be easy but the Divine Principle will now be my guide and light to show me how to leave a life centered on God. I want to make true Parents happy.”

Pride Chitondo: “I am so happy to have been part of this workshop. I thank the Heavenly Parent and the True Parents to have been with me all this time. I thank the Group Chair, the national leader, the staff members for making this workshop possible.

This workshop has reminded me a lot of things. The mistake I was making. I am now very different. Not the same ways that I was doing. The words of this workshop touched me a lot, they have raised many questions about myself who am I, what am I doing here if I cannot change? I needed to understand who I am, give my life to True Parents, and follow them as Messiah, Savior of humankind.

Before I lived my life full of jealousy, greed and selfishness. I realized a missionary is meant to live a principled way of life, a life for the sake of others.

My determination now is to contribute in changing this world to be a better place that the Heavenly Parent wants to see. I understand the purpose of my life now. I should be the role model to the people around me and take responsibility of my live, the nation and the world.

Many people are waiting for me to share with them the truth. Aju.”

Monica Kunda: “This workshop was an awesome and wonderful experience. I learnt a lot and it made me realize my mistakes, faults, the things I thought were small were very important and serious in the eyes of the Heavenly Parent and True Parents. I hope that I will work on my bad habits and help others where I can also learn about restoration through indemnity by going through conditions that will restore us to our original position.

In the workshop, I also learnt about the importance of witnessing. I have had difficulties in witnessing because I had lost confidence in myself and I wondered where to start from; but I think it is because I did not know the importance of it.

Now, I realize I am the beginning point of the change I want to see in this world and that it all begins with me. I can do this wholeheartedly and joyfully because am no longer in Satan’s darkness or clutches and that he cannot interfere in my way. Also, I can help a lost and wondering individual out there. This workshop has left a huge impact on my outlook on life and living. I am ready to face any trials and tests or tribulations of this world because am spiritually and physically on a path of self-resolution. Aju”

Malilwe Chimbwali: “My determination from today is that I should be able to teach the principle and practice it. I should also offer devotion to True Parents because they give me the Blessing. I must not only keep the Blessing to myself but should share it.

My determination is that even when I go for mission I should be able to witness and bring back the lost children of God. I should be able to say True Parents’ words are my words, True Parents path is my path, and True Parents’ world is my world. I must become a person who is proud of True Parents. I must be able to proclaim True Parents. My determination is evil forces will never drive me. I must be strong to make True Parents and Heavenly Parent happy. Aju!”

Alice Mumba: “I am therefore determined to change all the wrong things that I was doing which are not centered on God, from the workshop, I now know the true ideal of God, and the sorrow of God when he lost his children. Through the process of restoration, I came to know what I should do, how I can change my lineage and how I can become the child whom God can trust. For I have already been given a precious opportunity to know our True Parents. I therefore offer myself to follow their path and teachings by putting them into practice to work for God for the restoration of humanity and for God to have the children who he can proudly say are his. I have given myself to work for the will of God and our True Parents.

Heavenly Parent and True Parents guide and be with me in the path that I am taking for I have known the truth and I have to put it into practice and share with others. Aju”

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