Vienna 2018 – Peace Start with Me


Dear Regional Chairs, Colleagues, Brothers & Sisters,

Your personal invitation to the Peace Starts with Me 10,000 Rally in Vienna!

Many greetings from Vienna, Austria, the blessed city soon to receive Heaven’s Grace with our True Mother’s visit at the end of April! We would like to extend our heartfelt invitation to you, your families, and as many as possible of your leadership team to join us in Vienna for what will surely be a divine feast of God’s Word, exciting Hyojeong Culture, and rich heavenly blessings! We are fully expecting that Sunday April 29 will forever be remembered as the day the second great Reformation begins in Europe!

Our schedule is as follows:

This will be the largest event with True Parents ever held in Europe and we really need and anticipate your prayers and your presence! As you would expect with any project directly led by our True Mother, interest and excitement for these events is very high and space and tickets are very limited, so please RSVP.

Accommodations and ground transportation are being coordinated by our team in Vienna, and we are planning to host our Regional Chairs in the main hotel. Everyone who comes to Vienna is kindly requested to cover their own costs, but we do have special reserved tickets for you in the VIP section at the Stadthalle!

Hoping for your favorable reply, and prompt details of your travel plans,


Michael & Fumiko Balcomb

Regional Group Chair, Europe & the Middle East

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