USA: Los Angeles Family Church Pays Tribute to Hyo Jin Moon


Prepared by FFWPU USA

On March 18, the Los Angeles Family Church offered a moving concert in tribute to Hyo Jin Moon, True Parents’ first son who ascended to the spirit world 10 years ago. During his life, Hyo Jin Moon was most passionate about two things: True Parents and music. With his own band, he wrote over a thousand songs, many of which expressed his gratitude and love for his parents. Thus, the Los Angeles community celebrated his profound life after 10 years since his ascension through a hyojeong concert, encapsulating the filial heart of Hyo Jin Moon.

The concert featured a young Unificationist couple, multiple performances by siblings, including the Hiraki sisters, and Matt Ishizuka, the head of music ministry in Los Angeles and a former member of the Hyo Jin Moon Band. Matt sang one of Hyo Jin Moon’s own songs, “Last Prayer,” moving many in the audience to tears.  “It really hit my heart,” said  Takayo Hiraki, a young Unificationist. “When Matt offered the song ‘Last Prayer,’ I could really feel how much Hyo Jin loved True Parents and how deep his heart was in his determination to become a filial child for God and True Parents.”

Click to watch a video of the event

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