USA: Inheriting Glorious Victory of True Parents


by Lydia Compton, FFWPU USA

On Wednesday, March 7 at 7pm in the Sanctuary at CHG, nearly 40 local Unificationists gathered to greet and attend a presentation offered by Mrs. Gil Sa Ja Eu— one of the original three couples that True Parents Blessed in 1960. Her eldest son, Eu Jin Seung, President of The House of Unification for World Peace, was her translator.

Rev Doo welcomed everyone, led two Holy Songs, then asked Rev Compton to offer a prayer and began the program by showing a time line of Mrs. Eu’s life in the church.

The atmosphere in the room was serious and from the beginning, there was a profound atmosphere of reverence for Mrs. Eu and gratitude for her visit.

Las Vegas was the third stop along Mrs Eu’s 2nd American Tour. Beginning in San Francisco, Mrs. Eu will be visiting church centers across the country.  Her mission is to help our members to inherit this glorious victory of True Parents and proud testimonies of their elders and be proud younger brothers and sisters before God, True Parents, and elders.”

Using the sale of her new book “Danbury and the American Providence”* as the foundation for her heroic tour, Mrs Eu shared a glimpse into True Father’s Danbury experience from her own diary of that time and fully invested her heart in effort to inherit the victory of Father’s Prison life with American members.

The three main purposes of her tour are:

  • to encourage brothers and sisters to become Divine Principle lecturers by reading aloud from the 1, 3 and 12 hour diagrammed Lecture Manuals;
  • to introduce the House of Unification for World Peace and its website,, a valuable educational resource; and
  • to promote a new “sensation” that is growing among members in Korea, other parts of Asia and here in America—the 100 times Reading Movement.

The Las Vegas program continued with Mrs. Eu’s description of the contents of her book. She reflected briefly on her time with True Parents in 1955 when she was one of 14 students expelled from Ewha University and ended with True Father’s Danbury experience in 1985.

In concert with Mrs Eu’s purpose to encourage DP lecturing, Heidi Iseda and Tamami Nozoe bravely volunteered to practice teaching by reading from the One Hour Lecture Manual and using the accompanying power point. Each of them did such a good job, that everyone was inspired and could easily imagine being a Divine Principle Lecturer themselves!  Doing it this way, (i.e. by reading) lecturing the Divine Principle truly is within reach for any sincere member.

After that, Mrs Eu stepped off stage and President Eu Jinseung introduced the 100 Times Hoon Dok Reading of the Eight Great Texts of True Father’s words. He explained that this can be practiced as a lifetime goal and condition and that it has already brought great results— it could easily become the spiritual foundation for successful Tribal Messiah activity in America.

Rev Doo, Andy Compton, Lydia Compton and James Oberg read testimonies by Korean members who are participating: “we have gained so much more than what we had expected at the beginning. We are having more family conversations”, “I am living a life of hoondok thoroughly soaked with the richer content of the Principle” and “the more hoondok I did, the more overflowing grace I had, and the more fun the Divine Principle became.”

Mrs Eu returned to the stage to answer questions and offer some concluding remarks. Then a group photo was taken and– with the help of her assistant, Kazuko Eguchi and her son—she sold and signed copies of her new book.

It was a deep experience to be with this precious elder of our movement! And so inspiring to realize how deeply she loves America that she would make such a  demanding tour at 86 years of age.


*Out of her deep love for America, Mrs Eu’s book was originally printed in English and has not yet been translated into either Japanese or Korean. It can be purchased on line at

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