USA: CARP Shares Values, Finds Allies


by Ryota Naito, CARP USA

On February 22, CARP College of Southern Nevada (CSN) participated in club fair for the Spring Semester. Although this was only our second semester participating in club fair, we were familiar with many of the other clubs on campus.

Throughout club fair, we reached out to other clubs to collaborate and support for our upcoming “Campus Talk” event, a follow up to the one we held last semester. This time our theme will be “Sex and Morality.” As daunting as it was to bring up that topic especially on campus, many clubs responded positively and fully agreed that today’s culture needs to change its attitudes on sex.

Surprisingly, the newest members of CARP CSN were the most active in reaching out and manning the booth. Many of them helped each other by encouraging each other to reach out. One brother from Generation Peace Academy (GPA) came to Las Vegas the night before but did everything he could to support the team. These members’ spirit of genuinely wanting to give and share our message to the passing students invigorated our atmosphere.

UNLV Tribe Talk at the CARP Learning Center in Las Vegas.

After club fair was over, several of the new CARP students at CSN carpooled together to join UNLV’s weekly “Tribe Talk”. Visiting the CARP Learning Center provided an opportunity for our new members to experience what CARP stood for through our community. These experiences also enabled us to realize that there are people waiting to respond and contribute to world peace.

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