USA: A Winning Spirit


Prepared by FFWPU USA

As a thunderous winter storm hit the northeast, the National Ministry Team held its February monthly meeting, focusing on True Mother’s heart during recent Holy Day celebrations in Korea.

Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Regional Chairman of Family Federation North America, first praised the National Ministry Team for its various efforts to bring joy to True Mother during the celebrations, from being recognized for blessing over 430 couples to performing Korean songs in traditional Korean clothing. Dr. Kim emphasized that in all that we do, whether it is working toward Vision 2020 or dancing for True Mother, we must have a winning spirit. This winning spirit, Dr. Kim elaborated, is one that wishes best not just for True Parents, but also their neighbor.

President of Family Federation for a Heavenly USA, Rev. Richard Buessing, read words from True Father in which he spoke about True Mother’s heart during her speaking tour in the 1990’s. True Father shared how True Mother truly loves others, because she gives and forgets. Rev. Buessing highlighted that she expressed this same heart of giving and forgiving throughout the celebrations in Korea last month.

Vice President of Family Federation for a Heavenly USA Demian Dunkley followed with his own experiences celebrating True Parents’ birthday and Foundation Day in Korea. One moment that stood out to Demian was when he heard from Mrs. Wonju McDevitt, Chief of Staff of True Mother’s Secretariat, that True Mother’s pillow is always wet. Demian explained that he believes this is because True Mother has a parental heart for all 7.5 billion people of this world, many of whom have yet to feel the love of God. He encouraged everyone to share this heart of True Mother to completely unite with True Parents.

Rev. Mark Abernathy, a Christian pastor who was recognized with his wife Edna for blessing over 750 couples, then shared passionately about his journey providing the Marriage Blessing for others. “Blessings have created a revival in my soul,” he said. “When my son wept, saying that he wants more purity in his life, when my daughter was on her knees wanting the Blessing, I felt, ‘I want more of this.’” He added that one of the reasons True Father worked ceaselessly in his life was because he was establishing a great foundation for True Mother, who has brought an essential love to this movement.

Minister A. Curtis Farrow, who directed the 2,000 Voice Choir in True Parents at the Garden last year, echoed Rev. Abernathy’s sentiments about True Mother after being invited to True Parents’ birthday celebration. “When I saw her, I could see that while we celebrate her, she wants to share love with us.” He continued, “I love feeling restored because I love feeling growth. True Parents have blessed us with the base of love. If we do not share this love, we are not doing the calling of True Parents.”

Steve and Louise Honey, a Unificationist couple, then spoke about receiving an award from True Parents for over 40 years of service to the Unification movement. Steve highlighted that he and his wife were primarily representatives of the numerous Unificationists who have been active in the movement since its inception in America. Steve then sang “Paldogangsan,” a Korean song he sang for True Mother on Foundation Day, in beautiful acapella.

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