UPF Peru & the Day of Women


by Trevor Edward Jones, UPF Peru

The Forum celebrating the International Women’s Day of the UN 2018, organized by the office of congressman Yonhy Lescano, the Federation for Universal Peace and the Women’s Federation for World Peace, was held with great success on March 02. at 3:00 p.m. in the Sala Raúl Porras Barrenechea of the Congress of the Republic of Peru.

Congressman Yonhy Lescano welcomed the guests and inaugurated the Forum. He expressed his deep gratitude to all the attendees who packed the venue and honoured the event with their presence. He also spoke on the theme of the day, his message earning warm applause.

Then the message of the Secretary General of the UN, was read by the Mg. Yrene del Pozo Chacón, promoter of the Creation of the Office of Human Rights and Culture of Peace of the Provincial Municipality of Huamanga.

The message of the Executive Director of UN Women was read, read by Mrs. Luz Mejía Lara, coordinator of the Women’s Federation for World Peace FMPM-PERU.

The representative of the Minister of Women gave a message “Woman of Today” urging them to fight for their rights.

Dr. Trevor Jones – President of the Federation for Universal Peace – UPF PERU, addressed the audience and sent a special message to all the distinguished ladies attending, highlighting their role in the struggle for a culture of peace.

Congresswoman Gloria Montenegro Figueroa Member of the Commission of Women and Family of the Congress of the Republic gave a special message to all the ladies present, highlighting her fight against violence.

Then Mrs. Faith Jones – President of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, made known her values about the family, her struggle for a culture of peace. His simplicity, honesty and charisma moved the audience, who responded with effusive applause.

In the warm atmosphere of this event new Peace Ambassadors was incorporated and bouquets of flowers were given to the distinguished ladies of the table of honor. Finally, recognition was given to outstanding Women Ambassadors of the year 2017, who were received with warm applause.

The Closing of the event was in charge of General Héctor Jhon Caro, Vice President of the Federation for Universal Peace – UPF PERU, who thanked all those present for their kind assistance.

Dr. Trevor Edward Jones, president of UPF Peru spoke to the press later: “ As I said in my speech: – At some point I have asked myself – are these meetings helping to make changes in the world? My current feeling is that these days are more important than ever, and we have to do more of them, because it gives us the opportunity to reflect on the important issues and also make the general public more aware of what is being done, and what has been achieved to overcome some of the serious problems we face every day in this modern society that seems to reject all traditional values and feelings.

The Federation of Universal Peace and the Federation of Women for World Peace have been working for more than 20 years, both organizations, as NGOs, have special consultative status in the UN. UPF has an office in New York dedicated to working closely with that organization and the previous Secretary General, Dr. Ban Ki Moon, attended our meetings occasionally and applauded our work. Both UPF and the FMPM have representation in more than 150 countries and this wide presence around the world gives us the opportunity to collaborate on global issues and also focus our attention on regional or national and more local situations. We firmly believe in the diplomacy of track two.

Speaking specifically about Women’s Day, we recognize the need for a change in the status of women and our hopes for yesterday’s meeting were as follows:

  1. Continue raising awareness of the key issues that affect women today.
  2. Applaud / recognize women who are working to bring about change.
  3. Bring together people and organizations that have demonstrated their willingness to “live for the sake of others” and designate them as “ambassadors of peace” so that, as part of the Universal Peace Federation, they can work with us and we can strengthen them your own activities.

The meeting yesterday exceeded all expectations, the room was filled to capacity and beyond, even the guests called our staff, trying to enter the building.

Several representatives of the media were present, filming or photographing the meeting and interviewing some of those present. We continue to receive requests for more information and offers of support for our work.

We will continue to do our best to raise important issues with the leaders of society and will also try to guide and educate them with the vision of peace that our founders shared with us.

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